Company that fired white property manager vanishes online

After a property management company fired a Missouri Realtor who blocked a black man from entering his apartment, Tribeca-STL deleted its online presence.

4 Facebook contests that’ll grow your social media following

Most agents aren’t social media gurus, but luckily for you, it doesn’t take a social media guru to run a successful Facebook contest. All it takes is a good giveaway idea, and here are four that are sure to grow your Facebook exposure.

Adwerx says it can still target Facebook users who are ‘likely to move’

Despite changes to Facebook’s advertising policies, real estate technology company Adwerx is ensuring its clients they’ll still be able to target, “likely to move” Facebook users, through a new partnership with the social media giant.

5 pro tips for using Instagram and Facebook stories in real estate

Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories are two emerging opportunities for real estate pros. How can you use them effectively for your business? Here are a few key tips (and mistakes you’ll want to avoid).

Rental Beast listings to appear on Facebook Marketplace

Rental Beast, a rental platform with more than 6 million listings, has struck a deal to list properties on Facebook Marketplace.

How to make social media work for you in luxury real estate

For some real estate agents, finding luxury listings seems like a mythical quest that is only granted to the rich and famous, but it’s not. Find out what works, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy, here.

Realtors share what they eat and drink to stay energized

Inman asked members of the real estate community to weigh in on how they plan their meals and snacks on days that are packed with home showings.

The Real Word: Facebook removes 5,000+ ad options

This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White revisit HUD’s Facebook complaint and how the social network recently removed over 5,000 options from its ads manager platform.

Facebook slashes 5,000 targeted ad options after HUD complaint

Facebook is making changes to company advertising policy in an effort to slash thousands of options that allow advertisers to target certain ethnicities and engage in discriminatory advertising.

6 marketing trends real estate agents need to pay attention to in 2018

Top producers watch for marketing trends — and hop on them. In this post, learn what’s trending among successful real estate agents and how you can implement these strategies in your own marketing.