3 steps for converting contacts into clients via Facebook

Jeffrey Brogger has a three-step system he uses to run low-cost ad campaigns with high conversion rates via Facebook. Not only is it great for converting contacts into clients, but it also essentially eliminates the need for manual follow-up.

Could Texas lead the way in solving the homeless problem?

Two private sector-led efforts to address the homeless problem in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, are showing promise. Other cities around the country could follow their lead.

Zillow is working to block discriminatory ads on its website

The company is working with the attorney general’s office in Washington, D.C. The efforts come amid a growing interest in fighting real estate discrimination.

WATCH: Zero-cost strategies for maximizing Facebook and Instagram

Connect flashback: Katie Lance explains how to enhance your social media and video efforts without spending a dime.

Are property portals worth what they cost? A case study

Being the place where consumers go to start their property search, even with alternate options, often yields more effective results. Take a closer look at the numbers from Mike DelPrete’s homeselling experience here.

A brief history of the open house

Open houses, which have been evolving for 100 years, used to draw thousands of people and stretch on for days.

Instagram tests removing ‘like’ counts from US profiles

Following in the footsteps of its parent company, Facebook, Instagram will begin beta testing removing like counts from U.S. users’ posts starting Monday.

Apple becomes latest company to pledge money for housing crisis

The company announced Monday a $2.5 billion plan, highlighted by an affordable housing investment fund and a first-time homebuyer assistance program.

8 Facebook rules agents should live by

Facebook’s lead generation capability is still a force to be reckoned with, unlike other social media platforms with waning popularity. How do you avoid the more problematic aspects of Facebook’s model while still taking advantage of its potential as a…

The top 3 lead generation sources for agents

Outside of your sphere, how are you getting and converting new leads? Here are a number of ways that agents and brokers are finding those all-important new connections.