Midwest real estate pros predict a strong start to 2021

Panelists at the Inman Connect Now Midwest Regional Breakout session discussed their strategies for navigating the pandemic, how they’re planning for contingencies and where they see the market headed next year.

Will private search engines squander real estate advertising efforts?

There is an ever-growing number of private search engines that promise the highest level of privacy and no data collection. Could these sites have a significant impact on real estate marketing?

Colorado second homeowners rally against coronavirus ban

Temporarily prevented from accessing their properties, a group of secondary homeowners in Colorado is rallying against what they see as an unfair ban.

Zillow’s agent profiles are the most useful, according to new study

The study, released Monday by the Consumer Federation of America, also warns consumers to be skeptical of agent ratings.

NYC Compass agent fired over behavior toward homeless people

Scott Sobol, a former agent for Compass in Hell’s Kitchen, has been let go because of video footage showing his behavior toward homeless people in his neighborhood.

‘The organization has imploded’: The story behind NAGLREP’s mass resignations

NAGLREP members began resigning en masse Wednesday following weeks of what many said was unacceptable behavior on the part of President Jeff Berger.

Homesnap launches new advertising and lead gen service, Concierge

The real estate technology solutions company will release on Friday a new advertising service for agents called Homesnap Pro+ Concierge.

Need to reset? Here are 4 tips for starting fresh after lockdown

Now that shelter-in-place measures are easing up, it’s time to rethink the unhealthy habits we picked up while in quarantine. Here are four things to implement for an effective work routine and life after lockdown.

Use these 4 social channels to grow your business

Real estate agents are already fluent in the art of storytelling, whether through well-crafted words, compelling images, or dynamic video. And these tools have only become more important as more client interactions take place online. But choosing where…

Luxury snapshot: Agents in high-end markets are staying busy

The market hasn’t fully recovered yet, but agents in luxury markets told Inman that deals are still happening and activity appears to be on the rise.