5 quick Memorial Day marketing ideas for agents

Looking for a marketing plan to tie to Memorial Day? It’s not too late! Here are a handful of things you can do — all under three hours — to promote your business.

Realtor.com unveils Facebook ads for agents

The ads appear in two places for users: co-mingled with listings in search results pages on realtor.com’s website and mobile app and in those same realtor.com visitors’ Facebook news feeds.

HUD Alleges Facebook Fair Housing Violations

In a formal complaint filed on Friday, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) accused Facebook of allowing landlords and homeowners to use targeted Facebook ads to discriminate against potential tenants and buyers based on race, color, religion, familial status, sex, national origin and disability. HUD alleged Facebook’s “targeted advertising” limits housing options […]

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6 tips for snagging buyers with your Facebook ads

Strong homebuyer demand has homes flying off the market faster than ever. In fact, 44 percent sell in less than a month. To catch buyers’ attention and make sales in this fast-paced market, you have to make sure your Facebook ads speak to exactly what …

Dear Marketing Mastermind: What are the best Facebook and Instagram strategies?

Facebook is all over the news lately, and I have spent the past month or so looking at the controversial social media platform from multiple perspectives. Love it or hate it, many real estate agents and brokers are always looking for new ways to make F…

ICYMI: Facebook Ads Violate Fair Housing, Alleges Lawsuit

Facebook has made headlines this past year for multiple platform changes, such as a modification of its algorithm to prioritize local news and a new system for rental listings within its Marketplace storefront. Now, the company is under fire for possibly violating the Fair Housing Act, which does not allow bias against color, religion, handicap, […]

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7 marketing strategies to help first-year agents stand out

As a brand new real estate agent, you’re learning a lot at a fast pace. It can be tough to nail down exactly what you need to do and what you should let go until you get a little more experience …

Facebook Files Patent: Homeowner Data Could Reveal Socioeconomic Status

Have you scrolled by an ad on Facebook for new real estate signs—just a few hours after you searched for them on Google? Ad targeting is not a new concept, but it has transformed over the years through data analysis and the use of algorithms. Social media users are accustomed to experiencing ads that reflect […]

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3 tips for creating money-making real estate Facebook ads

By now, you’ve probably heard that real estate Facebook ads are a high-ROI alternative to other forms of online marketing. When done right, it’s true that Facebook advertising is a low-cost marketing method that delivers respectable results …

4 Facebook ad tips to generate more real estate leads

Facebook ads are proving to be extremely beneficial to our real estate clients. They’re highly visual, which gives users the ability to really engage with property listings that are relevant to them …