Luxury Aspen resort divides into shares, sells $18M on blockchain

The tokens representing fractional ownership of the St. Regis can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain, one of the most prominent distributed ledger technologies whose enthusiasts say has the potential to transform the real estate industry.

Blockchain tech could totally disrupt property ownership rights

Creative new ways to transfer certain rights of ownership may seem like semantics, but the implications are huge if blockchain technology takes off.

Survey: What do you want to know about blockchain and cryptocurrency?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are everywhere — and it can seem like these technologies are taking over real estate.

Cryptocurrency startup Deedcoin sees its first home sale

Moran went through the regular homebuying process with Phil Mrzyglocki, Deedcoin’s media director and an agent at Momentum Realty. Most of Momentum Realty’s agents are involved with Deedcoin …

Cryptocurrency: First U.S. Real Estate Deed Recorded Using Ethereum

Cryptocurrency is making headlines again—this time, in real estate. A pilot program in South Burlington, Vt.—initiated by global blockchain real estate marketplace Propy Inc.—marks the first U.S. deed recorded using only blockchain technology, according to multiple sources. In this case, Ethereum was used to transact and record contracts and documents instead of using the city’s […]

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Property Coin: Crypto Investors Looking to Fix and Flip

Is blockchain the future of real estate transactions? So far, only a few contracts have closed through Bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency; however, with offerings being introduced, that could quickly change. Aperture Real Estate Ventures, a real estate technology and investment firm based in Los Angeles, Calif., claims it has launched the first-ever real […]

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Deedcoin goes live with cryptocurrency token sale

The real estate cryptocurrency startup Deedcoin has gone live with its public token sale, the company told supporters via email Monday. The public launch follows a private sale in January and several delays (Deedcoin said it was originally scheduled to…

Real estate cryptocurrency startup Deedcoin secures SEC registration

Deedcoin promises to disrupt real estate commissions using a digital currency based on Ethereum — a prospect that requires a go-ahead from the …

Packer fan party house first to require digital currency blockchain

The house located directly adjacent to Lambeau Field is now on the market for $1 million, and owner Chris Murphy wants the entire transaction to happen digitally on the blockchain system …

Landlords starting to accept digital currency for rent

On both coasts, several tech-forward real estate companies have begun accepting digital currency for rental deposits and payments, coinciding with the growing general interest in, and value of, these new electronic payment systems …