Wanna finish 2019 strong? Do a 5-step mid-year brokerage checkup

How are your agents doing year-to-date? Are you on target to hit your firm’s goals? Are any budget items out of line? Here are a few tips to make sure you finish up 2019 strong and are ready for whatever next year brings.

Fear being disrupted? 4 reasons this indie broker’s over it

Disruptors, iBuyers, lawsuits — what’s a traditional broker to do? Regular columnist and indie broker Erica Ramus is tired of hearing industry woes about being disrupted. It’s time to stop whining about it and do what you can do to ensure your future. Here’s why.

Office meetings a snooze? 5 tips for giving them pizazz

In today’s high-tech office environment, are face-to-face meetings necessary, or even possible, when so many brokerages are virtual? Here’s how to host a meeting that your officemates will enjoy attending.

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Should your brokerage open a property management division?

Property management can be labor intensive, a legal minefield and seem like more trouble than it is worth. But with proper staffing and systems in place, property management can add another stream of income to your business — and set you apart from your competitors.

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Objection handling is one of the most important skill sets a real estate agent can master. There will always be stalls whether you work with buyers, sellers or both. So what’s the key? Find out from the pros at Inman Connect New York.

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Here are five preliminary steps to streamlining your real estate business operations so that when a housing market downturn occurs — and it will — you’ll be ready to navigate the shift and boost your bottom line.

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Bringing on the wrong agent is not only dangerous from a broker liability standpoint, but it could also poison the office culture and alienate your current agents. Here’s a list of red flags to look for in interviewing, so hopefully, you can avoid maki…

Why agent-centric is the wrong way

As more and more brokerages are touting an agent-centric philosophy, indie broker Erica Ramus strongly believes it’s the wrong approach. Here’s why.