EDITORIAL: Rights and an invitation—a letter to the KKK

In a letter to Loudoun law enforcement officials, the chief counsel for Knights Party, otherwise known as the Ku Klux Klan, defended the rights of the organization to distribute pejorative literature about blacks, Jews and Muslims in the county.

EDITORIAL: Guns and money

The National Rifle Association has a new target for mass shootings in America: media. The NRA joined gun-rights advocates and conservative legislators last week in blaming news organizations for the national epidemic that takes the lives of so many.

EDITORIAL: Enough is enough

Virginians were devastated when 32 people were killed and 17 wounded at Virginia Tech in 2007. The second deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history brought unspeakable grief to a state that sends its children to the public university in Blacksburg. Ci…

EDITORIAL: Singing like a hillbilly

The disclosure of text messages between FBI agents who were involved a relationship ignited a new round of conspiracy theories that demeaned residents of the county.

EDITORIAL: By limiting public input, supervisors quell citizen voices

In a representative democracy, participation by the people in the business of government is both a right and an obligation. But in Loudoun County, the right and the obligation have been restricted because governing is keeping the supervisors up past th…

EDITORIAL: Supervisors should reject data center along Goose Creek

County officials seem lost in their consideration of a massive data center project called True North Data that repurposes 106 acres of nature on the west side of Goose Creek.

Peskin Op-Ed: The bell test

The reading of “The Polar Express” is a cherished family tradition. On Christmas Eve, my grandchildren pile on my lap as I read the story in my best storyteller voice. We consider friendship, bravery and the spirit of Christmas in a magical journey to the North Pole. When the final page is turned, I ring a silver bell and ask whether they heard the reassuring sound of believing.

EDITORIAL: Without light, Purcellville languishes in the dark

These things aren’t supposed to happen in Purcellville. It’s a town that’s supposed to work — an ideal, almost nostalgic, community where people get along, families thrive and life is good. But now spirits arrive to cast the town into darkness.

EDITORIAL: Purcellville raising the bar for bad government

Some observers have likened the situation – one sparked by the town hiring a convicted felon to investigate its police chief – to a reality TV show. That’s tempting, but not quite right: Reality TV producers tend to have some idea what they’re doing.

EDITORIAL: With a loud statement, Loudoun rebukes the ugly rhetoric of politics

Civility was the secret sauce in the race for Virginia governor.