Zillow bashes Upstream and CAR in public regulator comments

In its own public comments to the DOJ/FTC, Zillow chose to take aim at NAR-backed broker data company Upstream and the largest state Realtor trade group in the country, the California Association of Realtors.

Does dual agency have a future in real estate?

Dual agency has come under fire as of late, and because of its potential to create a conflict of interest, one western Canadian province banned the practice earlier this summer to protect consumers.

Canadian province banned dual agency — could the United States be next?

A Canadian province recently banned dual agency, or real estate agents representing both sides of a transaction. Could the United States be next?

The government wants to know what’s up with real estate pocket listings

Pocket listings and state regulations regarding dual agency and minimum service requirements may be on the agenda at the real estate competition workshop to be held by Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission on June 5.

‘I only want the listing agent’: What buyers should know about dual agency

When buyers have the option of working with a buyer’s agent who will represent their interests exclusively or working with the listing agent who has a fiduciary duty to the seller, an increasing number of buyers are choosing the listing agent, especial…

The Inman Files: Pocket listing + dual agency = home sale horror story

Once, many years ago, I got totally aggravated by how dirty my shower had gotten. In my impulse to clean up the mess, I threw some Clorox on the tile floor and then sprayed liquid ammonia on the walls. I nearly died. Another volatile combination I have…

Why an NYC listing agent became a buyer’s broker

Take the average real estate transaction and then imagine an exquisitely tricky minefield — that’s the situation that many buyers in the Big Apple are up against. Despite real estate apps galore, no magic bullet exists for putting together a successful offer on a Manhattan housing cooperative unit, for example, something that anyone who has been through will describe as a winding labyrinth …

The legal pitfalls of dual agency in real estate

For the first time in history, homebuyers are deliberately creating dual agency situations as many refuse to work with anyone but the listing salesperson. Couple this with pocket listings, lax agent attitudes toward dual agency issues, and a recent Cal…

The top 7 real estate industry court battles of 2016

This was not an idle year for court battles involving real estate entities. There were numerous opportunities for the state of the industry to change based on a judge’s order …

California Supreme Court rules on dual agency case

The California Supreme Court has upheld an appeals court decision finding that a listing agent who participated in the 2007 sale of a Los Angeles home for $12.25 million owed fiduciary duties to the buyer because both buyer and seller were represented …