Loft47 levels up deal management by stripping it down

Loft47 Technologies’ broker product gives tech-forward number crunchers a sharp, simple way to run their real estate business and integrate with popular third-party data providers.

Brivity now exclusive partner in KW Marketplace

The software platform now integrates with KW Command and its mobile app is the exclusive provider of custom websites and pay-per-lead services.

Zillow’s dotloop to integrate with Keller Williams’ Command CRM

Dotloop will be integrated into Command as part of Opportunities, an app that manages offers, documents and communications between clients and brokers.

Zillow partners with Giveback Homes to help agents rebuild

I celebrated my first anniversary at Zillow recently and there are a lot of reasons why I am excited about year two. One aspect of Zillow that initially drew me here and continues to be important to me is the corporate culture of giving.

EXCLUSIVE: KW partners with DocuSign to improve transaction management

Keller Williams is integrating its proprietary customer relationship management tool with DocuSign, an e-signature and transaction management platform.

Millennials can differ by age: what agents need to know

As the oldest of the millennial generation push toward 40, they’re acting less and less like their younger selves. With partners, parenting, new jobs, and pets taking center stage, their lives are often more complicated, their circle of concerns wider and their experiences around home different from their younger counterparts.

This brokerage management software wants to streamline your business

Zipi is a back-office administration software platform for brokers to manage deals and agent financials. The latest iteration of Zipi is even more heavily focused on brokerages and provides a highly versatile and granular user experience for brokers to…

Circling back with dotloop: What’s happening post-Zillow acquisition?

A few years after being swallowed by Zillow, dotloop remains an innovator in real estate transaction management.

Zillow quietly removes client data sharing requirement from broker program

Zillow quietly removed language from the contract of its newest lead generation tool after Realtors complained and wondered if the contract’s requirements would have them violate the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of Realtors.

How’s your office performing? Use Sisu’s data visualizations to keep track

Sisu visualizes agent and brokerage performance data for coaching, accountability and goal tracking.