Trump Admin issues healthcare reform that will save Realtors big money

A new health care reform announced Tuesday could change the way real estate professionals and other small business owners get healthcare coverage.

Will Carson’s new HUD centers reduce the need for housing assistance?

The program’s ambitious goals are to increase employment and business ownership, enroll more individuals in college and GED programs, increase physicals and prenatal visits at federal health centers, increase civic engagement — and more.

Unemployment falls to 3.8 percent, lowest level in 18 years

An excellent monthly jobs report this morning from the U.S. Department of Labor: the economy added 223,000 jobs in May, and unemployment fell to 3.8 percent. That’s the lowest rate of unemployment in the United States since 2000. 

Trump’s former campaign manager sued over failed real estate deal

Paul Manafort may not be getting the relief he’s hoping after a real estate investment by his former son-in-law went south. On Thursday, April 27, a bankruptcy trustee in California sued the embattled former campaign manager to President Donald Trump claiming Manafort’s investment in the failed project was not a loan.

Where NAR spends its multimillions in lobbying

Given the proposed increase and the fast-approaching 2018 U.S. midterm campaign season, it’s worth asking: How is NAR spending its lobbying money now …

The social causes real estate leaders should rally behind

Lean into social causes, including disaster relief — but keep your political views to yourself. In a political climate fraught with anxiety over issues ranging from gun control to civil rights, that’s the complicated, albeit conflicted, message to real estate leaders …

Trump tariffs on steel and aluminum will be a blow to the construction industry

They would raise the price of everything from canned beer and soda to automobiles and housing, not least of all skyscrapers and multifamily buildings deeply reliant on heavy metals, housing experts told Inman …

Inside Trump’s historic $95M mansion deal, 10 years later

In interviews with Florida real estate professionals, including at least one involved in the 2008 sale, agents characterized Trump’s blockbuster deal as simply par for the course in the years leading up to the financial collapse, when appreciation rates climbed at a historic clip and the housing market in Palm Beach and elsewhere in South Florida was like the Wild West …

Compass, Redfin CEOs open up about navigating political division

NEW YORK — Chief executives from two high-profile brokerage companies with wildly divergent business models spoke candidly on Tuesday at Inman Connect New York about the travails of voicing public opinion in a fractured political climate …