Inside NAR’s $45M plan to renovate its Chicago headquarters

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is planning a $45 million facelift to its Chicago headquarters, according to a news report in Crain’s Chicago Business. The renovation will include an 18,000-square-foot office space, conference center and a glass-encased boardroom topped by a halo-like structure adorned with the NAR logo.

NAR made $20 million from DocuSign IPO

The venture arm of the trade group, Second Century Ventures, made a total of $43.8 million from selling shares in DocuSign, returning $20 million to NAR and keeping $23.8 million for recapitalization.

Jim Harrison apologizes for op-ed on Inman

When I stand corrected, I do so as publicly as any other statements bearing my name. The Inman op-ed, while intended to prepare our leadership for the NAR meetings with new info, was in hindsight, not a fair presentation, nor was it truly reflective of…

When good guys get off the mark: A response to Jim Harrison’s NAR criticism

I like Jim Harrison and consider him a friend — I’ve worked with him, shared time socially with him and enjoy spending time with him, and yet I find myself stunned by the way this op-ed has been written and disagreeing with many of the statements he makes. I get that he is concerned, but I believe that he has taken the wrong way to make any kind of cogent point and that this article will create more issues than solutions.

NAR ‘furious’ over criticism of leadership, denies profiteering

A day after MLSListings CEO Jim Harrison criticized the National Association of Realtors for an expected dues hike, the organization has released a thorough defense of its actions and leadership.

It’s time for NAR to ditch the dues hikes, or face member revolt

The industry’s campaign to raise member dues is a troubling example of its arrogance. Members have complained about the dues increase, but the NAR insiders pounced on the resistors as disloyal and even resorted to name calling

DocuSign IPO brings windfall to NAR venture fund

DocuSign saw a strong first day of trading, bringing a windfall to the company and its early investors, including the National Association of Realtors’ venture capital fund Second Century Ventures.

Evaluating & assembling a real estate tech stack that delivers the right customer experience

Change is constant in technology, and it seems more true given recent mergers & acquisitions activity in the real estate tech space. In this webinar, we’ll discuss recent trends affecting the industry and distill which technologies and tools are essential for the modern real estate business …

New e-signature competitor KeepSolid Sign nimbly inks deals

DocuSign has a firm foothold on the e-signature space in real estate and beyond. But KeepSolid sign is both user-friendly and robust …