Meet the New Guard: Reffkin, Black, Bhaskar

The New Guard will be honored at Inman Disconnect March 30-April 1, 2020. Here now, three new inductees worthy of the distinction.

Ready to meet the New Guard?

Join the conversations at Disconnect that will set the course for the next decade.

Why bring a group to an Inman event?

There is so much to absorb at Inman events, it can seem impossible to take it all in. Sure, you can take copious notes, but you also want to be engaged and listening. The pressure of maximizing your takeaways from the sessions and speakers is greatly r…

IBuyers riding a wave of change as they disrupt real estate

The iBuyers are going to improve their algorithms. They’re going to push their prices closer to market rates. And they’re going to get better and better as they eat up more of the real estate industry.

The biggest news from Inman Disconnect 2019

Leaders gathered this week for the annual invitation-only conference, where they charted the course of the future of real estate.

‘Survival of the fittest’: Real estate pros predict far fewer agents

There are more than a million agents in the U.S. right now, but if some of the industry’s leaders are right, that number is poised to get much smaller.

Keller Williams wants to copy Redfin’s tech

Keller Williams has famously declared itself a “technology company” and is investing heavily in software, but it turns out that the firm has an even more specific goal in mind: It wants to be Redfin.

Compass doesn’t care if it builds or buys its technology: Reffkin

A month and a half after Compass surprised the real estate industry by snatching up CRM maker Contactually, Robert Reffkin said he doesn’t care if his company builds or buys its technology.

Meet the trailblazers leading the way at Disconnect in the Desert

Disconnect will not only be guided by real estate mavericks, but also outside-the-industry trailblazers with insights that will redefine the way we do business.

Disconnect: Industry leaders set to define real estate’s future

Real estate leaders rolling up their sleeves for three days to come up with an ambitious forecast for where the industry will be in five years. That is the plan at Inman Disconnect in the Desert, April 8-10 in Palm Springs.