Where are the best-run (and worst-run) cities in America?

Not only does Idaho have the best potatoes, it has some of the nation’s best-run cities, too. WalletHub’s latest study named Nampa the most efficient city.

Will Carson’s new HUD centers reduce the need for housing assistance?

The program’s ambitious goals are to increase employment and business ownership, enroll more individuals in college and GED programs, increase physicals and prenatal visits at federal health centers, increase civic engagement — and more.

Zillow: fewer than 10% of homeowners are underwater on their mortgage

The share of homeowners underwater on their mortgage dipped below 10 percent for the first time since the 2008 economic crash, a new report from Zillow finds. Precipitously rising home values are helping those who hung on through the crash regain equity. 

Why Quicken Loans isn’t really in the mortgage business

The founder and chairman of Quicken Loans, now the largest mortgage company in the U.S., revealed that he does not consider himself to be “in the mortgage business.”

Detroit won’t enforce its maybe-accidental ban on Airbnb

Detroit is backing down from a confusing, maybe-accidental ban on some Airbnb use in parts of the city, the Detroit Metro Times reported Friday …

Airbnb wins big mortgage support, but loses Detroit

Airbnb got a major win for its hosts on Thursday — but also dealt with the fallout from a serious and unusual blow in Detroit …

Hot damn! Detroit real estate is on fire (and it’s cheap)

Detroit suffered greatly after the recession with a population growth slump, unimpressive job growth and neighborhoods filled with abandoned or foreclosed homes. Some buyers and investors immediately saw an opportunity to take advantage of rock-bottom …

Sick of the median? Coldwell Banker ranks most expensive markets for average home price

Median home price can kick rocks: Coldwell Banker just ranked over 2,000 metro areas in terms of their average price for similar four-bedroom, two-bathroom houses …

2016 retrospective: The year of global luxury real estate

As we move into autumn and head toward the last quarter of the year, let’s look back at the state of global luxury real estate in 2016. What defined high-end property in recent months? Can we take away valuable insight from observing the performance of…

ZIllow: negative equity falling nationwide, but still impacting homeowners

We’re past the housing crisis, right? According to the second quarter Zillow Negative Equity Report, a lot of homeowners are still feeling the crunch. Five years into the housing recovery, and 12.1 percent of mortgaged homeowners are underwater, accord…