‘The status quo is broken’: How data debacle threatens us all

Many companies and organizations are building their own databases and platforms. Traditions are under siege. Confusion reigns as I watch the balkanization of our industry.

How unproductive agents are bringing real estate down

Leaders of the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) urged their members to be part of the change in the industry as CMLS kicked off its annual conference Thursday.

Why the MLS isn’t dead, and why backers say that’s good for consumers

A recent piece in Forbes suggested the multiple listing service is on its way out thanks to startups such as REX, but backers tell Inman they’re not worried

Why the MLS isn’t dead, and why backers say that’s good for consumers

A recent piece in Forbes claims MLSs are not relevant to buyers because they have other places to go for listing information and are doing more of the work that agents used to do themselves and that new technology like big data and AI is doing the work…

David Charron, ‘godfather of MLS deal-making,’ steps away from Bright MLS role

Charron said he is not retiring. He will transition from his current full-time position at Bright to a part-time role as a consultant, effective Aug. 1. He will remain president of MRIS Investors Inc.

The bold plan to rebuild the tech behind property listings across the US

Eight of the nation’s largest multiple listing services have committed to taking decisive steps toward streamlining the delivery of listing data for real estate agents and brokers.

ICNY 18 Data: 10 data trends to keep an eye on

Change is happening fast and furious, what’s important, and what’s not? Watch as Marilyn Wilson, founding partner, WAV Group, and David Charron, chief strategy officer, Bright MLS, showcase 10 data trends real estate can’t ignore onstage at Inman Connect New York’s Data Connect.  …

Leadership Lens: Change doesn’t occur because everyone wants it

David Charron is currently the chief strategy officer and director for Bright MLS. Bright facilitated $91 billion in residential real estate transactions in 2017. We recently spent some time with David to pick his brain about the future of real estate …

Justice Dept. and FTC will hold antitrust ‘workshop’ on real estate competition

In a phone interview, a DOJ official confirmed to Inman that a joint DOJ-FTC workshop on real estate competition would be held sometime in the spring …

10 data trends you cannot ignore in 2018

NEW YORK — It’s nearly impossible for real estate agents to keep up with the constant change in data trends. It seems as though new ideas and concepts stay with us just long enough to be mastered by some, but grow outdated as soon as the latest and greatest hits the market. This year, however, there are 10 trends that can’t be ignored …