How I Connect Now: David Charron, Katie Lance, Emily Chenevert

Three members of the Inman community — David Charron, Katie Lance, Emily Chenevert — share their tactics for success during this time.

How to modernize the MLS

New companies are using a combination of money, technology and data to deliver consumers an experience that is efficient, certain and convenient. And the clash between old and new is creating tribalism amongst players vying for the top of the heap. Not…

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Industry insiders discuss what the future of agent compensation will look like onstage at Inman Connect Las Vegas.

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The edges of the business, including mortgage, settlement and insurance, have become core to broker profitability. What’s next, and how does the use of data impact broker success?

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Associations across the country are using data to help their organizations in different ways. Get an inside perspective on what this looks like.

WATCH: Data trend opportunities and challenges in 2019

Listen in as MRIS Investors, Inc’s David Charron, Midwest Real Estate Data’s Rebecca Jensen and Council of Multiple Listing Services’ Denee Evans talk through the data trends impacting the industry and how you can stay ahead of the curve onstage at Inman Connect New York.

‘The status quo is broken’: How data debacle threatens us all

Many companies and organizations are building their own databases and platforms. Traditions are under siege. Confusion reigns as I watch the balkanization of our industry.

How unproductive agents are bringing real estate down

Leaders of the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) urged their members to be part of the change in the industry as CMLS kicked off its annual conference Thursday.

Why the MLS isn’t dead, and why backers say that’s good for consumers

A recent piece in Forbes suggested the multiple listing service is on its way out thanks to startups such as REX, but backers tell Inman they’re not worried

Why the MLS isn’t dead, and why backers say that’s good for consumers

A recent piece in Forbes claims MLSs are not relevant to buyers because they have other places to go for listing information and are doing more of the work that agents used to do themselves and that new technology like big data and AI is doing the work…