Future-proof your business using lead management strategies

The story of the market shift is simple: the seller’s market much of the nation has enjoyed for the last decade is re-balancing. Buyer leads have been repeatedly told, “Inventory is tight. You’ll have to act quickly to get the deal you want.”

Listing Bits: Building a CRM that plays well with others

In the ever-evolving world of real estate tech, LionDesk is choosing integrations and leveraging partnerships with top third-party applications to create a CRM that plays well with others — and allows agents to maintain their independence. Learn more about the building process from the company’s founder and president David Anderson in this podcast.

How to find the right CRM for your production level

Expert Michael Hellickson knows that selecting the right CRM isn’t easy for most agents. A lot of what they should use depends on the other technology they rely on. But more importantly, it has to do with where they’re at with their business. Find out which CRM is right for you here.

New company uses data to match luxury properties and buyers

A new company is building a system that will use data and artificial intelligence to match high-end properties with lifestyle preferences and hobbies.

Pipeline problems? Get back on track with these 5 lead gen tips

All agents go through ups and downs in their careers. Part of staying afloat is knowing where your next client is coming from. When you feel a dry spell coming on, stick to these reliable lead generation strategies to stay on track.

4 ways to personalize your service using your CRM

How many contacts are actually eager to hear from you? Unless you’re really putting thought into your client touches, that number is probably much lower than you’d hope for. Not to worry – here are four ways to get back on track with client touches with a little help in the form of simple CRM reminders.

How transactions can reinvent the client experience

Who cares about the real estate client experience? Brokers do. They’ve got CRM tools coming out the wazoo. Agents do. They answer phone calls on family vacations. Administrators do. They work overtime to keep everyone up-to-date. Buyers do. They need their offers submitted fast, no surprises. Sellers do. They want the best price (!) and a smooth deal. But for all this caring, why is the client experience still so difficult?

3 tech tips for agents from a Keller Williams team leader

The Somers Team’s Chris Somers shares the top tools he uses to keep his 20-agent team moving.

Motto Mortgage adopts Total Expert for marketing, CRM

Motto Mortgage, the mortgage franchise from RE/MAX, announced on Wednesday that it’s equipping its franchises with customer relationship management tool and marketing solutions from fintech startup Total Expert. 

Lone Wolf launches transaction management platform

Lone Wolf is set to announce a new two-way transaction and back-office integration software at Realogy’s RGX conference Monday in Las Vegas.