Yelp hides reviews pages for Opendoor, Offerpad

Yelp has made it extremely difficult for people to find reviews for Opendoor and Offerpad, two of the country’s leading online homebuyers and resellers.

Opendoor expands into new frontier for iBuyers

Opendoor plans to expand to Washington, D.C., next year, marking a significant push into the notoriously difficult-for-iBuyers East Coast market.

Exclusive: Opendoor testing new co-listing partnership with selected agents

Opendoor has selected about a dozen agent teams as partners for its new “preferred agent partnership” program, using them to sell more than 20 properties.

Opendoor set to enter California, Pacific Northwest markets

Opendoor will launch in Sacramento and Riverside, California, along with Denver and Portland, Oregon, as part of its goal to reach 50 markets by 2020.

Opendoor temporarily caps offers in Dallas-Fort Worth at $300,000

Opendoor, the popular iBuyer startup launched in 2014, will temporarily stop making offers on houses over $300,000 in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

6 realities anyone can learn from celebrity real estate

Behind the gilded gates that protect a celebrity home, you’ll likely to find some seriously A-list amenities, such as resort-style pools, million-dollar movie theaters and parking for 20 cars. What might surprise you is that despite 20,000 square feet, there’s a lot any homebuyer or seller can learn from the real estate habits of the rich and famous …