For Buyers, Credit Matters—but How Much?

Borrowers not as creditworthy as others often have higher mortgage payments; in fact, according to an analysis recently released by Zillow, the average borrower categorized with credit as “fair” can be on the hook for $21,000 more than a borrower with an “excellent” score. Here’s how: Borrower A has a credit score that’s stellar (“excellent”), […]

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CFPB Explores Alternative Routes for ‘Credit Invisibles’

Twenty-six million Americans are “credit invisible,” or lacking enough credit history to generate a credit score—a factor most lenders use to evaluate loan applications. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has begun exploring alternative routes to determine creditworthiness, including cell phone bill and rent payment history, seeking feedback from the public on these and other […]

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What to do with credit-challenged homebuyers

Many real estate agents often do not know where to send potential homebuyers who have negative credit histories or have defaulted on their previous mortgages. Although they can offer several options, these options might not adequately meet their clients’ needs. Let me explain …

Failing to pay HOA fees can now harm your credit score

When you look outside and see maintenance diligently shoveling when it’s below zero or expertly manicuring the lawn that you barely have time to mow, you might thank your lucky stars for that homeowners’ association. But it doesn’t take long for the bl…

5 ways to help your clients compete with cash buyers

Even though the cash real estate market is slowing, it’s still important for you to help your buyers who need to compete with cash buyers. In February, CoreLogic data showed 37.9 percent of closed deals were to cash buyers, which is down from 40.6 perc…