How do you build a luxury real estate network? By attending Luxury Connect

Referrals and networking at this level of real estate are more critical than ever because each of your clients will expect the same level of service.

Inman Connect San Francisco Live Coverage: Thursday

Join us throughout the day as we share what’s happening behind the scenes, on stage, and in the hallways at Inman Connect San Francisco.

Livestream Schedule: Inman Connect San Francisco

See all four days of live sessions — 112 speakers tackling real estate’s top problems and setting a vision for the future of our industry.

Real estate’s heavy hitters to assemble at Inman Connect San Francisco

What a year for real estate it’s been so far. Innovators are on fire, disruption is full speed ahead, consolidation is the norm, and the winners and losers are becoming more evident. New business models have arrived and are receiving unseen amounts of investment, and new ways of thinking about the world of real estate transactions are stirring things up.

Connect the Sessions: Mark Slade on ‘Demand Gen 3 Ways’

The nice thing about being a real estate agent is having the option to market however you want. And Mark Slade, a top agent in Maplewood, New Jersey, does a little bit of everything. He’ll be one of three panelists sharing their secrets onstage at Inman Connect San Francisco.

Connect the Sessions: Karin Carr on ‘Demand Gen 3 Ways’

Karin Carr, an agent in Savannah, Georgia, has moved markets twice in the past two years and in doing so, she built a demand generation machine that’s entirely digital. She’ll be discussing how she did it in a session exploring three different styles of demand generation for real estate with two other experts.

Connect the ICSF Sessions: Free education and networking at Open Connect

What’s Open Connect? Some of the best real estate education, networking and programming, available to anybody who wants to attend, for free.

Connect the ICSF Sessions: Jason Pantana solves your marketing problems

How do you identify the lead-generation system that is part and parcel of your marketing strategy? Coach Jason Pantana is going to have answers at ICSF.

ICSF Connect Paths: What To Attend If You’re A Marketer

We’ve put together some handy suggestions specifically for those of you who are marketers to Connect. With an ever-changing climate of innovation and evolution, it’s never been more important to be on top of the latest trends, understand what’s working, and learn from the best in the industry.

Connect the ICSF Sessions: Navigating the ‘team vs. brokerage’ landscape

How can teams and brokerages support each other? If this question intrigues you, then you won’t want to miss a series of sessions at ICSF.