Connect the ICSF Sessions: Navigating the ‘team vs. brokerage’ landscape

How can teams and brokerages support each other? If this question intrigues you, then you won’t want to miss a series of sessions at ICSF.

ICSF Connect Paths: What to attend if you’re a team

We’ve put together some handy suggestions specifically for those of you bringing your teams to Connect, as there’s a wealth of content this year specifically geared toward the future and growth of teams. Let us be your guide through the week and help you with some recommendations for which sessions to attend to get the most out of your time at Connect.

Join Ben Kinney for ‘Zero to a Thousand’ before ICSF

This event is perfect for agents, team owners, brokers and staff who would like learn how to move from having a job to owning a business. Learn how to generate the leads, listings and leverage that an agent would need to build a profitable real estate …

Connect The ICSF Speakers: Matthew Luhn added to CMO Connect

On Tuesday, July 17th at CMO Connect, Matthew will discuss the five steps to crafting a great story and will then lead attendees in an interactive workshop where they will be able to will dig into their own brand and learn how to use the elements of great storytelling to inspire and influence their target audiences.

Party with real estate rockstars at the Inman Innovator Bash

Zillow. Compass. Keller Williams. Opendoor. Those are just a handful of the companies that have been nominated to the 2018 Inman Innovator list. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see them all in one place at one time? That’s the opportunity that awaits you at the Inman Innovator Bash.

Real estate’s heavy hitters to assemble at Inman Connect San Francisco

What a year for real estate it’s been so far. Innovators are on fire, disruption is full speed ahead, consolidation is the norm and the winners and losers are becoming more evident. New business models have arrived and are receiving unseen amounts of investment, and new ways of thinking about the world of real estate transactions are stirring things up.

Connect the ICSF Sessions: Learn how to delight clients at the Marketing Track

You can have the best real estate company in the world, offering unparalleled convenience and delighting your clients left and right. But if you don’t know how to market that business, you won’t be in business at all for very long. Head to the ICSF Marketing Track to make sure you’re around for the long-term.

Connect the ICSF Sessions: The ins and outs of starting (and managing) a successful real estate team

If you want to succeed in the real estate industry and make your reputation as a top producer, but you also want work-life balance, then you’ve probably been told to start a team. The ICSF Teams Track is the perfect way to figure out how to build a team, or how to fix what’s broken on an existing team.

Connect the ICSF Sessions: Diving into a trillion-dollar business at Capital Connect

Which tech tools are getting the most attention, and which are lurking beneath the surface, quietly biding their time until they’ll emerge as the next big thing in the real estate industry? You don’t want the answers to those questions to sneak up and surprise you, so make sure you attend Capital Connect.

Connect the Sessions: Let’s Get Physical – Agent Safety Interactive Session

Jimmy Choi and Joseph Bautista, founders of My Occupational Defense, know something about dangerous jobs. This is a topic especially pertinent to real estate agents, and Choi and Bautista will take the stage at Inman Connect San Francisco for an intera…