Hundreds of thousands have used Fidelity National Financial’s new closing tech

StartSafe, which debuted in February, is meant to make real estate transactions faster and safer. FNF announced Tuesday that it has sent the product to 800,000 consumers.

States Title debuts tech product to speed up closings

Instant Closing Disclosure uses technology to automate parts of the closing process, potentially allowing them to happen faster and with greater efficiency.

Three key developments in valuation technology

The traditional appraisal process is based on a tried and true methodology that has withstood the test of time. But in recent years, data and technology has been changing the way valuations are performed, validated, and delivered. Now, the COVID-19 pan…

Let it go! 8 seller beliefs that no longer hold true today

When it comes to real estate, people still hold on to a host of tired, old-school beliefs that are hard to shake off. But to ensure a successful sale, agents need to educate their sellers on how the process actually works today. Here’s how.

Digital real estate is not the future — it’s now

The remote operating environment necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic stifled the real estate industry. Overnight, brokerages that historically clung to manual processes were at a severe disadvantage to the minority of companies that adopted remote…

The closing process is painful! Someone disrupt it already

Jay Thompson completes his homebuying journey and describes the painstaking and archaic process of closing amid COVID-19, plus a lesson or two for agents.

Remote notarizations surge during pandemic

A survey of more than 350 real estate professionals indicates that remote online notarization has increased nearly 40 percent in recent months.

3 ways COVID-19 may benefit homebuyers in 2020

Even chaotic times can bring some positive lessons to learn from. Here’s how COVID-19 might change the real estate industry and how homebuyers can benefit from the situation.

How to sell real estate in a coronavirus hot spot

In certain situations, it becomes necessary to list or show properties. When that happens, agents need to be prepared, especially if they’re in a “hot spot.” Here are a few things to keep in mind.

How curbside closings are keeping the market moving

Due to the onset of COVID-19, real estate is becoming the next big business to leverage the efficiency and convenience of drive-thru deals known as curbside closings. Here’s a look at how various parts of the transaction are coming together to get the deal done from a distance.