Zillow selects KW franchise as partner for Charlotte iBuyer

Zillow has selected The Redbud Group at Keller Williams SouthPark to represent the company in all of its buying and selling transactions through Zillow Offers in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Zillow Offers will launch in Charlotte and Raleigh this winter

The expansion to these two North Carolina cities also puts Zillow’s nascent but quickly expanding homebuying and reselling program up against competing “iBuyers,” namely Knock and Opendoor. 

Ribbon will turn any home bid into an all-cash offer

A new startup wants to make sure homebuyers never lose out to all-cash offers again. Ribbon, launched in Charlotte, North Carolina, last month, promises to turn any homebuyer into a guaranteed all-cash buyer.

Opendoor posts job listings in Charlotte, Minneapolis and Nashville

Opendoor is one of the leading startups that will buy a seller’s home from them rapidly online, so the seller can get their equity out right away to purchase their next home …

Knock expands to Charlotte and already has a ticker for IPO in 2020

Knock is making good on its expansion promises and getting ready for an IPO in 2020. The iBuyer expanded to its second city and reserved its NYSE ticker …

Here are the hottest housing markets of 2018 according to Zillow

Bolstered by strong home values and low unemployment rates, San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley and Raleigh, North Carolina, another emerging tech hub, topped Zillow’s survey of the top 10 hottest housing markets of 2018. But nearly all the markets were home to thriving tech businesses …

OfferPad expands to Charlotte metro area

OfferPad, an iBuyer program that lets buyers hail agents like Uber, announced the opening of a new office in Charlotte, North Carolina …

In These Markets, You’ll Earn Enough to Cover Rent—and Then Some

Reasonable rent and a solid-paying job? Dream on…right? According to a recent analysis by LinkedIn and Zillow, there are dream markets for renters—if their field of choice is finance, healthcare or technology. The analysis identified markets where renters earn in excess of the necessary income to support costs of living, taking into account indicators such […]

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San Antonio top spot for transition from renting to owning

Home prices might be rising and outpacing wage growth in some coastal markets, but don’t let that get you down if you’re in San Antonio.

With high income and employment growth and a short breakeven horizon — the time it takes for buying to become more affordable than renting — San Antonio is the “sweet spot” for homeownership, according to a recent Zillow report …

10 hottest real estate markets for summer 2016

Ready for a hot summer? Total listings and list prices are on the rise all over the country, and homes aren’t staying on the market for long. Making our way past spring, here are 10 of the hottest real estate markets to watch for this season …