Nonprofit to buy home occupied by homeless moms since November

California Governor Gavin Newsom and Oakland’s mayor have signed on to a solution that would allow the nonprofit to buy the home “for a price not to exceed the appraised value.”

‘It’s simply theft’: Developer balks as support surges for squatters living in empty home since November

The two women have been illegally squatting in a three-bedroom home in Oakland, California, since November.

Twitter has a field day after Dr. Phil lists oddball LA home for $5.75M

The flamboyant interiors of Dr. Phil’s California mansion in Beverly Crest, Los Angeles, have made him a target on social media.

Charlie Sheen keeps cutting the price of his mansion

Charlie Sheen has slashed the price of his California estate to $7.99 million — the fifth price drop since listing it last year — proving that even celebrities sometimes struggle to sell their homes.

How to crush local content marketing with help from the local news

Getting a shout out from local news would be a huge win for your real estate business, but a lot of agents have trouble cracking the code and getting on the radar of local journalists. The fact is, local content marketing can deliver the best ROI of an…