The pandemic impact: Buyers want more space, less density

Redfin’s chief economist and AirDNA’s CEO discuss the trends they’re seeing in the housing market at Inman Connect Now.

Bu-bye! 9 signs it’s time to cut ties with clients

Because nobody can weed out every bad apple in advance, it’s essential to recognize clear signs that you and your client might not be the great fit you hoped you’d be. These are our top no-go moments.

Let it go! 8 seller beliefs that no longer hold true today

When it comes to real estate, people still hold on to a host of tired, old-school beliefs that are hard to shake off. But to ensure a successful sale, agents need to educate their sellers on how the process actually works today. Here’s how.

Why you should treat your relationship with clients like a partnership

In today’s competitive real estate environment, buyers and sellers are looking for professionals they can trust and rely on. A partnership ensures this happens — and happens successfully. Here’s how to communicate that relationship with your clients.

How to create lasting relationships with your clients

As most agents know, it takes more than an occasional phone call or email to stay top-of-mind. So, here are a few things you can do to develop long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Should real estate agents disclose if their clients have COVID-19?

The National Association of Realtors and brokers advise agents to have conversations with clients but to refrain from disclosing medical information without prior approval.

Suburban housing market to experience post-lockdown boom

Buyers are eyeing suburban ZIP codes as coronavirus lockdowns lift across the country, according to a report released Wednesday.

How collaborating on listings benefits agents and sellers

When agents join forces to list a property, clients get the benefit of multiple agents — their knowledge, Rolodex, market experience and more. Here are a few more reasons to open yourself up to the possibility of collaborating with another agent.

48% of homeowners halted selling plans due to COVID-19 in April

According to Clever Real Estate’s latest study, homeowners and homebuyers are altering their buying and selling plans to prep for a possible recession.

9 ways buyers sabotage their home purchase

Over the years, we’ve seen tons of advice on what homebuyers shouldn’t do — opening up new lines of credit, changing jobs, taking out loans are all no-nos. But here we’ll expand on some more self-destructive behaviors buyers can’t seem to resist.