Who should attend home inspections?

Property inspections are like the final stitch in a bespoke suit. If done properly, it keeps the sum of its parts intact. If done poorly, it begins to unravel, and the whole thing falls apart. And the tailor is always there for the final fitting.

How to ask these 2 ‘absolutely awful’ questions the right way

Last week at Inman Connect New York 2019, Anthony Lamacchia advised a crowd full of eager real estate pros to refrain from asking these two questions: “Are you pre-approved?” and “Do you have a Realtor?” But I’m here to say you can (and should) ask those questions — as long as you ask with the right approach.

How to explain home equity lines of credit to buyers

Agents have to be prepared to answer complicated questions about home equity lines of credit. In this post, we’ll simplify the subject so you can provide a clear, concise explanation that buyers will understand.

‘We’ll call you when we’re ready to buy’ and 9 other lies agents hear

A lie, no matter how seemingly small, can throw a huge wrench into the buying and selling process. Here are 10 common lies real estate agents hear all the time.

5 signs your buyers will score big in a tight market

Is it possible to find a great deal for your clients in the current market? You’d better believe opportunity has been quietly and steadily knocking since mid-summer! Here are the top five signs you may be able to get a smokin’ deal in your market.

5 ways to help buyers focus on needs over wants

Every homebuyer has unique wants and needs in mind when shopping for a home, and prioritizing those wants and needs will always call for the assistance of an experienced real estate agent with local expertise. Here are five tips for having the needs ve…

6 horror stories that prove you should never let buyers move in early

Letting buyers move into a home prior to closing leaves you and them standing on shaky ground. If you’re not yet convinced, here are six nightmare scenarios that’ll have you saying, “no!” before the buyers finish asking.

6 reasons buyers should never move in before closing

With many buyers, the following question invariably comes up: “Would it be possible for us to put just a few things in the house right before closing?” Here are six reasons why your answer should always be, “No!”

The cost of buying a home today vs. a year from now

Consumers are aware that interest rates are increasing, but very few understand how costly these seemingly small increases can be over the life of a 30-year mortgage. It’s your job, as an agent, to explain to buyers why they need to buy right now.

How to convince your buyers to stop hesitating

Some buyers move quickly, but others play the waiting game and end up losing out. Here’s what real estate agents should know about this kind of buyer and how you can help keep them informed and, hopefully, regret-free.