6 reasons buyers should never move in before closing

With many buyers, the following question invariably comes up: “Would it be possible for us to put just a few things in the house right before closing?” Here are six reasons why your answer should always be, “No!”

The cost of buying a home today vs. a year from now

Consumers are aware that interest rates are increasing, but very few understand how costly these seemingly small increases can be over the life of a 30-year mortgage. It’s your job, as an agent, to explain to buyers why they need to buy right now.

How to convince your buyers to stop hesitating

Some buyers move quickly, but others play the waiting game and end up losing out. Here’s what real estate agents should know about this kind of buyer and how you can help keep them informed and, hopefully, regret-free. 

10 questions to ask before helping your buyers snag that condo

Buying a condominium is an attractive option for many buyers, but before you help your clients pull the trigger, don’t forget to ask these 10 crucial questions.

Don’t be THAT agent: 10 annoying things agents do to each other

Rookie mistakes are the worst, and in our line of work, they cost clients, time and money — but the largest expense is to our reputation. There’s no excuse for these 10 (unfortunately common) time-wasting offenses.

11 things buyers do that agents can’t stand

Buyer behavior can be confusing, perplexing and downright frustrating for agents at various stages of the purchase process. This is just a glimpse into the annoyances real estate agents face all the time.

How to give listing feedback tactfully — even when it’s negative

We’ve all had those showings where the timing (or the seller) just wasn’t quite right. You know, the ones where you walk in with hopeful buyers and walk out less then 10 minutes later with an air of disappointment surrounding you.

How to give (and get) the most valuable listing feedback

At the end of a long day of showing properties, you walk in the door of your home, plug your cell phone into the charger and notice that you have seven new emails from listing agents asking for feedback.

What if buyer’s agents had to negotiate their own commissions?

Buyer agency and exclusive buyer representatives are nothing new. What would the consequences be if listing and buyer’s agents each negotiated their commissions separately with the clients they represent?