The system you need before you introduce new tech

How many times has this happened? You bring on a new technology solution, but not nearly enough of your agents use it. Well, you’re not alone. Agent tech adoption is an all-too-familiar riddle (or headache) for most brokers and other leaders.

At the intersection of real estate and Facebook

We expect convenience, ease and seamless technological integration in almost every aspect of our lives … why should real estate be any different?

Brokers beware! That old tech is eating at your profits

Brokers and owners often view back-office systems as an afterthought. This is because they aren’t seen as revenue drivers. In fact, back office accounting platforms for the real estate industry have historically been expensive, with non-cloud based software that is a frustrating user experience

The biggest missed opportunity for growth

For new brokerages, some investments seem more exciting than others. Your new logo. Business cards. Your web site. But don’t forget about the back office software that will power your whole operation.

Why no tech truly meets my indie broker needs

Several years ago, I wrote about how much easier my life would be if the home addresses I needed to show would feed into my GPS directly from the multiple listing service (MLS). That dream has become a reality, but technology still has a long way to go.

How to think strategically about your technology choices

Watch Co-founder and chief technology officer of Realty Austin Jonathan Boatwright, Pacific Union COO Brent Thomson and owner of The Boutique Real Estate Group Raj Qsar on the Inman stage as they discuss the different factors that drew them to the technology they use. …

5 questions tech-savvy leaders should ask before choosing new technology

Brokerage tech has never been easier to acquire. But going down a digital dead-end can be costly in both resources and morale …

Does ‘A Social Strategy’ hold up to the digital scheduling giants?

A Social Strategy was released just over a week ago with a minimal amount of features — but just enough to warrant a real estate agent’s attention. There’s potential here …

Why Contactually has the droids you’re looking for

One of the industry’s favorite CRMs has rolled out a new bot-centric feature so agents can better manage leads from outside the system …

Check for dirt (before it surprises you) with Spokeo at Work

When a prospect comes into the fold of our businesses, it’s natural for us to “Google” them. Or maybe we jump on Facebook to find out more. Spokeo at Work accomplishes this in aggregate by pulling public records, white pages data and public social medi…