Keeping It Real: 10 tips for newbies to start off right

On this edition of “Keeping It Real,” a recurring podcast series on Inman, Peter Lorimer runs through his top tips for brand new real estate agents. 

What’s in a name? Why naming and personal branding matter

In her recent TEDx Talk, branding expert Stacey Ross Cohen explained that personal branding starts from birth. Find out how your personal brand — starting with your name — can help you make the first impression you want with clients and colleagues.

Recycle this post! 8 ways to get the most bang for your ideas

Blogging has many steps — writing, rewriting, editing and writing again. The key to working smarter — and not harder — is to make sure that one of those steps includes recycling your best insights so that you get the most ROI from your efforts. Here are eight ways to reuse your hard work.

How to increase leads and close sales as a newbie

If you are brand new to real estate or with a smaller brokerage that doesn’t float quality leads to agents on the regular, we’ve got some helpful tips for you.

13 must-read blogs for real estate teams

Many team leaders struggle with time management — conferences and training, while enjoyable and invaluable, are difficult to attend when time is so limited every day. So where do these professionals turn when they need to fill in the gaps between training, conferences and seminars? Blogs.

WikiRealty brings real estate agents’ local expertise to the forefront

WikiRealty helps agents promote local expertise and offers lifestyle buying for home shoppers. …

Podcast: How to make $1 million in commission from your sphere of influence

Would you like to make $1 million in real estate commission by maximizing your sphere of influence (SOI)? When it comes to making money in real estate with your sphere of influence, it’s about mindshare. In other words, you must stay top-of-mind and front and center with the people in your …

Congratulations! You’ve ‘hacked’ your business to death

Have you heard that you should be commenting on all kinds of blogs so that your own website gets pushed up in ranking? Have you heard that you can hijack viral topics on Facebook so that they drive engagement (likes, comments, shares) on your own Faceb…

6 components of a cohesive content marketing strategy

Today’s homebuyers place a lot of importance on being able to know, like and trust the people they work with. And there are few better ways to build a trusting relationship with a potential client than with content marketing …

3 reasons to incorporate video into your marketing today

We just finished remodeling our website: new photos, new apps, new blog posts. A little video content seemed like a natural addition. Below, you’ll find the story of how a “little video” turned out to be not so little at all. Big decisions, doubts, goals, costs and time questions were suddenly up for discussion …