Harbor is bringing blockchain to real estate investing

A tech startup is trying to make it easier to invest in privately held real estate companies, and it’s using one of the buzziest technologies in the market: blockchain.

A tech millionaire wants to build a blockchain city in the desert

If a cryptocurrency millionaire’s high-stakes gamble goes well, desert land in Northwestern Nevada could bloom into a city unlike any that has preceded it.

Trulia founder: The 3 ways tech will transform real estate next

Generational trends and shifting consumer behaviors are creating an opportunity for a new wave of real estate tech startups with high growth potentials. Here are three major areas of opportunity for real estate tech startups.

Is blockchain a game-changer or a dead end?

Blockchain. It’s become a buzzword in real estate, but will it go the way of the QR code or actually change how the industry works?

WATCH: What is blockchain and how does it affect my business?

Tune in as Tru Realty CEO Sarah Kirsch Richardson and Blend CEO Nima Ghamsari discuss the latest on blockchain and how it will impact your future business during the session, “Blockchain: What is it and why should I care?”

SafeChain tests blockchain for real estate in an Ohio forfeiture auction

One of the most promising applications for blockchain technology in the real estate industry has been created by the start-up SafeChain. Their top priority is working with — instead of eliminating — the local government officials who handle the bulk of the behind-the-scenes record-keeping in real estate transactions.

Reasi completes first blockchain escrow deal

Reasi, a blockchain escrow platform that seeks to use blockchain to speed up the escrow portion of real estate transactions, has closed its first deal for a plot of land in California.

This group wants to create a definitive record of everything that happens to every property

The nonprofit Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) has formed a new workgroup to develop a system for tracking when property is listed, showed, sold, transferred and more.

These companies want every property to have a blockchain token

RESAAS wants to create CarFax for real estate using blockchain — with agents creating tokens for their own past and present listings.

imbrex: Own Your Data

imbrex is the first global real estate marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain