Why buyers should always handle repairs

When a repair issue comes up during a transaction, do you try to persuade the sellers to handle the repairs before the deal closes, or do you issue the buyers a credit and let them handle it?

Technology is never the solution

In the ongoing conversation about agent-centric versus client-centric, Bernice Ross weighs in on why technology isn’t the be-all, end-all for brokerage longevity.

Shut it! 4 ways other agents’ mouths could kill your deal

Sometimes the biggest roadblock in a transaction is not the clients, but the agent representing them. What steps can you take to keep your negotiations on track, even when the other agent does something dumb to derail them? Find out here.

9 for ‘19: How to beat your goals and keep your life

If you want to have your best year ever in 2019, a written business plan is a must. What does it take to create a business plan that you will follow throughout the entire year? Here’s how you do it in nine easy steps.

The easiest way to improve business and mental health in 2019

While digital devices inflict harm on our brains and our children’s brains, screen time also harms our real estate business as it removes opportunities for genuine connection and enjoyable experiences. Here’s why you should cut back on digital and a fe…

3 scripts for handling the ever-popular pricing objection

When a potential seller says, “We have to net X from our sale,” do you know exactly how to respond? Below are three scripts to help you overcome this and other common pricing objections to price the property right.

The powerful listing tools you need to ace out the competition

What do you need in your listing toolbox for 2019 to ace out the competition? The winning combination is taking the best of the old and blending it with two cutting-edge tech tools that your competitors don’t use.

3 tips for crushing the ‘Monopoly for Millennials’ mentality

Inman’s recent hot-button post “‘Monopoly for Millennials’ hits shelves, sans real estate” got regular Inman contributor Troy Palmquist thinking. How can we as agents better serve millennials and get them into homes? Here’s what he’s come up with.

11 tips for a happy holiday season in real estate

Do you always seem to get stressed out during the holidays? If so, these tips will help you dump the angst and have your best holiday season ever.

What’s the craziest real estate showing story you’ve ever heard?

Have you ever had a totally bizarre or frightening showing? If you’ve been in the business any length of time, you probably have. In my 30-plus years in real estate, I can safely say Melanie Hurwitz holds the bragging rights to the worst showing ever. Here’s what happened.