What professionals make the best recruits (and how to find them)

While most people vacation during the summertime, right now is the best time of year to recruit some of the most dependable and profitable agents you can hire. Who are those people? Find out here.

Why multitasking is the greatest productivity myth

You might feel as if you’re achieving a lot by undertaking several tasks at once, but the opposite is true. Neuroscience research shows that multitasking confuses the brain, slows you down and makes you prone to make errors.

Think you’re good at closing? Take the quiz!

Here are 10 questions from our new agent sales training that address different aspects of the closing process — let’s see how well you do.

Agents: Check your bias at the door

Regardless of your beliefs, your political affiliation or your passion for a specific cause, when it comes to real estate, personal bias can easily slip into a conversation. Even the slightest slip in this area can result in violations of the Fair Housing Act and/or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines.

8 feng shui basics all agents should know

If you’re interested in learning more about the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, and how it applies to real estate and staging, then here are eight basic principles.

Don’t believe Keller Williams is a tech company? Think again

When Gary Keller declared that his company was a technology company, most industry experts thought this was aspirational. Here’s why industry veteran and regular Inman columnist Bernice Ross believes doubters are dead wrong.

How does your listing presentation stack up?

When was the last time you critiqued your listing presentation? Regular Inman columnist Bernice Ross details an experience her colleague had hiring an agent and what the winning agent did right.

Why it’s actually the seller who pays our commission

For years, our industry has fervently debated who really pays the commission — the buyer or the seller. This debate turned up at the final session of Inman Disconnect, where one attendee argued that it’s the buyers who actually pay the commission because it’s embedded in the purchase price. Here’s why this argument is wrong.

Prospector, networker, converter, marketer: What’s your strength?

Figuring out your personal strengths and letting the rest go will allow you to grow your business in ways you never knew were possible. Once you have identified the archetype that best fits you, use these guidelines to see which tools and strategies ar…

The latest on the fight over independent contractor status

There are at least three other cases currently pending before the California Labor Commissioner (Department of Labor Standards Enforcement) that offer a simultaneous threat to independent contractor status. Don’t despair yet — there might be sunshine on the horizon.