A recession is on the horizon: Keller Williams New York City CEO

Housing won’t be to blame, and the recession won’t be anything like 2008 for the industry, according to Keller Williams New York City CEO Mark Chin.

Yield curve inversion fears are overblown

Yield curves predicting recessions did so historically and will again at the end of Fed overshoots. The Fed has done no such thing this time.

Mortgage startup Morty launches platform for first-time homebuyers

The new tool will tell users if they can qualify for a mortgage as well as how much they would be able to borrow.

Zillow’s competitive advantage? ‘Sustained unprofitability’

Real estate analyst Mike DelPrete argued during an Inman Connect panel on Wednesday that “red is the new black.”

How to begin financing investment properties

Turning homebuyers into investors can mean more financial security for them and more business for agents. But especially less-experienced investors may need help getting started

Impress investor clients with TapCap’s multifamily lending app

New York-based TapCap helps agents and investors make sense of the multifamily lending process. Quickly gather data, compare loans and share offers.

Hyperlocal app PropertyRadar now offers mortgage data

The one-time darling software for finding prospective foreclosures is now offering same tech for small businesses, such as real estate agents and mortgage brokers.

Amazon will match employee affordable housing donations

The online retailer will also contribute $8 million to nonprofits in Washington and Virginia. The pledge comes as a handful of companies promise to spend big on housing.

When lenders reject US veterans, who you gonna call?

NewDay USA has encountered controversy in its time doing business, but some brokers say that it can help veterans with traditionally low credit scores land reasonable loans. Veterans should just make sure that they enter the agreements with their eyes …

Mortgages are the most satisfying form of debt: Study

Mortgages also apparently lead to less shame than other kinds of debt. Of the study respondents, only 57 percent said they were ashamed of their mortgages while 76 percent said the same of their medical debts.