Baltimore billboard calls Trump’s landlord son-in-law a ‘rich pest’

A new billboard in Baltimore is taking aim at Jared Kushner’s record as a landlord while advocating a humane way to deal with rats.

Which American city has the most rats? (Hint: It’s not Baltimore)

In Chicago and New York City, renters with lower median rents were most likely to file rodent complaints.

Ransomware attack delays home sales in Baltimore

The attack began last week and has locked up the city’s computer systems, which is preventing title companies from checking on properties’ lien statuses.

Governments mull bans on voucher discrimination

As housing affordability continues to decrease nationwide, an effort is underway at the local and federal level to prevent landlords from discriminating against those who pay for housing using government subsidies, such as Section 8 vouchers.

How the Grinch launched a Baltimore listing into viral fame

The Grinch is selling a charming rowhouse in Baltimore — just in time for the holidays.

DC, Baltimore housing markets showing different trends in September

Washington, D.C and Baltimore offer two very different scenarios as the housing market heads into fall. Median home price in D.C. slightly dropped annually in September, according to MRIS housing data, while Baltimore home prices jumped 7.9 percent.

Rent hikes starting to slow around US, but West Coast hotspots still top the list

With recent migrations to tech centers like San Jose, Portland, Seattle and San Francisco comes the severe impact of housing demand and supply. Rent in these hot markets, among others, has exploded over the past five years as more millennial techies se…

Baltimore, DC rank last in forecasted rent growth, report shows

For renters, a slowdown in the market’s growth is a welcome trend. While the drop was hardly noticeable, September saw its first monthly dip since November 2015 to $1,219, down just one dollar from August, according to a new report …

Home prices rise 6.2 percent annually through August

A new CoreLogic report shows U.S. home prices continuing their upward trajectory through summer and into autumn this year. Home prices increased 6.2 percent year-over-year in August, which was supported by 1.1 percent growth from the previous month …

Cash sales continue to drop across major metros

According to a new CoreLogic report, cash sales across the country decreased 2.5 percent annually in June. At this rate, CoreLogic analysts predict the cash sales percentage market share will be back to 25 percent by mid-2018, or roughly what it was pr…