Matterport hires ex-Google exec Jay Remley to serve as CRO

In addition to working in tech, Jay Remley has years of experience as a real estate investor.

Don’t ghost your clients: 8 inexpensive ways to keep in touch

Clients are the No. 1 source for referrals — especially past clients. They’re in a position to refer business to you because they’ve had first-hand experience with your service. Here’s how to stay on your clients’ minds after the deal is over.

Don’t be a broke agent: Learn to manage your money

Your broker isn’t going to tell you how to make a profit. You are kind of like a backyard chicken, and your broker needs you to produce, so managing your money is up to you. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

What do you wish your broker had told you?

We asked this question, and, boy, did industry pros respond! Everyone has secrets, tips and wisdom that they wish had been communicated to them from Day 1. Here are just a few of the responses we gathered from the real estate community at large. 

How to avoid 7 contingency issues that can derail your deal

Here are some of the most common contingency issues plus the workarounds to help you sail through the problems without derailing the transaction.

How to build brand awareness as a newbie agent

Done right, your brand is a thoughtful, researched, emotional expression of your value — a value that lives in people’s hearts and minds. So what are some things a newer agent (or a grizzled veteran) can do to build brand awareness?

5 tips for staying relevant regardless of market, brokerage or location

Rob Latufo isn’t sure going forward what commission structures will be like, what corporate entity he will be working for or how many transactions a year he will be able to derive from the mass of leads out there, but he’s sure of one thing: Agents nee…

3 tips for mastering the marketing hustle

Have you heard of the entrepreneur John Henry? Considering that he’s 26 years old, his two multifamily properties, private equity fund worth $25 million and docuseries on Viceland are quite impressive. Here are his top three marketing tips.

10 ways to show your clients a fun time (and stay top-of-mind)

Staying in touch with clients in ways that don’t feel like sales calls to them is a challenge every good agent faces. Here are a few client appreciation ideas to get you through the year.

Going through a dry spell? Here are 7 tips for making it rain

Most know that being a real estate agent isn’t as seen on TV. There’s an infinite potential for reward, but parallel potential for risk. And just about everyone hits a slump at some point. So how do you get back on track once you’ve hit a drought? Start with these seven tips.