Terradatum announces Listing Home Run for automated video marketing

Market analytics company Terradatum is using MLS listing data to help agents quickly roll out property videos and web content for only $29.95 per listing.

Can you afford the cost of doing nothing?

It was around this time last year that I was writing on change, saying, “If I’ve learned nothing else in almost 15 years in the real estate business, it’s that the only constant is change — shifts are plentiful, but they’re rarely easy.”

Brokers: are you too focused on the small details?

“If you just focus on the smallest details, you never get the big picture right.” It’s rare for someone running a real estate brokerage to intentionally focus on the small details and overlook their big-picture goals.

You’ve made it to the top, but your work isn’t done. Here’s what you need.

“It’s more difficult to stay on top than to get there.” Mia Hamm, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, and two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion. Being the top agent in your market means building a practice that is not just okay or average.

Speed-to-lead: The mission-critical step where most agents fall short

Every agent’s book of business is going to vary. Your “pie” of lead sources might look something like this: 50% referral business, 30% online leads, 20% open houses. Some years referral business will boom and in others, it will inevitably slow down.

Tech still needs YOU: A case study in 50% sales volume growth

Inventory is key to a healthy housing market, and for some time this has been a real pain point for brokers and agents across the country. Seller lead generation can get expensive, and with a 1-3% conversion rate for most services.

Boost your brand, efficiency and productivity with one platform

Your agents are busy. They’re doing routine tasks like making copies and answering emails, along with less mundane tasks like marketing themselves and their clients’ properties, taking continuing education classes, and much (much) more.

Climb Real Estate adds automated marketing from Imprev

Climb Real Estate, a full-service brokerage based in the Bay Area, is partnering with Imprev to give its agents access to automated marketing services.

Can your brokerage be tech-savvy or customer-centric? The answer is both.

Real estate continues to see new models try to disrupt the industry’s more traditional framework. From “technology-first” brokerages to the iBuyer movement, movers and shakers dominate the news feeds. To prevail, you must win the consumer and technology races.

Is your old boss stealing your clients?

When you send a potential buyer or seller to your current website, what do they see? Is it your face? Your name? Your logo, colors, images, and content? Or is your personal touch getting lost in a sea of multi-million-dollar branding belonging to the b…