Want to update your listing presentation for 2019? Try Virtual Properties

This white label-ready, MLS-data-driven app is the best CMA tool you haven’t heard of.

Can this app reduce escrow to 10 days for homebuyers?

LoanSnap is an app for iPhone and Android that can streamline mortgage applications and approvals.

This house is Kleared — a new agent mobile security toolkit

Kleared combines real estate agent safety software and lead management functions in a toolkit for web, iPhone and Android.

Precision directions and mapping company Mapfit announces new CEO

Jeroen Seghers will lead the 2-year-old precision directions and mapping startup on its quest to provide consumers with the “last 10 feet” of directions, down to specific doorways and floors.

This app pays users to snap pics for the real estate industry

ProxyPics is an app for hiring local photographers to take “on-demand” pictures from anywhere, and users can order photos in any market, from any market.

Keyzz lets you easily send gifts to clients for any life event or occasion

Keyzz is an app with an integrated storefront for buying and sending client gifts, and it helps agents stay in touch with clients and manage day-to-day activities.

Structurely’s personable chatbot will cultivate leads for you

Structurely is a lead cultivation chatbot for real estate agents that doesn’t generate leads, but helps qualify those that come in from online channels …

Safety app Forewarn provides instant background checks

Forewarn is an agent safety app that provides immediate background checks for showing prospects when you provide their phone number …

Where does the time go? Android app sorts out every minute

I don’t know why I was surprised to hear that the app developer on the other end of my Skype call was 21 years old. This is 2016, after all. Still, how important is time management to a person just now able to have a beer? Well, I guess he showed me …