NYC brokerages unite to launch ‘game-changing’ data platform

Leading residential brokerages in New York City are uniting to offer a new level of transparency to the way consumers and brokers search property. The effort is being called a “game-changer” by high-ranking executives involved in its launch.

Watch: Exclusive interview with Re/Max CEO Adam Contos

Re/Max CEO Adam Contos sat down with Real Scout founder Andrew Flachner — an editorial partner of Inman — for an exclusive interview at the Re/Max headquarters in Denver, Colorado, yesterday.

3 marketing mavericks who are killin’ it in real estate

If you take 100 real estate agents and look at their marketing plans, 99 seem to be cut from the same cloth. It’s that unique one who stands out from the rest. I took a look around the country, and these three agents caught my eye with their out-of-the-box marketing ideas.

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Submit questions prior to the event on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with the hashtag #AskOpendoor …

Thanks, Apple: Real estate apps just got a huge AR boost

Apple released its newest operating system and with it a promising frontier for real estate apps looking to offer augmented reality …

Run your indie brokerage like a Silicon Valley tech company

Andrew Flachner is co-founder and CEO of RealScout. RealScout combines revolutionary buyer data-driven listings tools and industry-best home search experiences to help you win and sell more listings …

RealScout’s BrokerIQ helps brokerages ‘close more deals in house’

Brokerages hold office sales meetings, in part, to encourage agents to find out whether any of their coworkers have listings suitable for their buyer clients.

How to attract talented techies to your brokerage

A growing number of brokerages want to be seen as tech-savvy real estate players – but how do business leaders assemble a good tech team if they don’t have the skills to recognize a good candidate? And how do they make their company appealing to these coveted engineers and developers …

RealScout just got $7M in funding to fuel growth plans

RealScout, an emerging tech player that provides brokers and agents with a collaborative, branded home search experience, has raised $7 million in its third funding round since its 2013 launch …

Podcast: How computer vision will transform your world

This week we are happy to welcome Andrew Flachner, the CEO and co-founder of Real Scout. Flachner joins us to discuss an extremely important trend that is already transforming your life — computer vision …