Why tech and big money are going to clobber traditional real estate

A member of a prominent VC firm Andreessen Horowitz believes that big data, big money and changing consumer preferences will remake the industry.

Rent-to-own startup Divvy Homes raises $30M to expand in Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia

Divvy Homes, a real estate startup that allows would-be homeowners to pay a portion of rent while investing equity, has raised $30 million in Series A funding for its rent-to-own platform.

Why a top real estate venture firm invested in $1B scooter company Lime

Some see electric scooters as a potential boon for the real estate industry — rental programs could help improve mobility and allow people to buy farther away from popular transportation routes.

Opendoor rivals don’t fear Silicon Valley upstart’s $325M round

Opendoor’s competitors are optimistic that the company’s massive $325 million funding round shows confidence and interest in their industry from investors.

Opendoor raises $325M in Series E round

Opendoor has raised $325 million in a Series E funding round while announcing plans to add mortgage and title services as well as expand from 10 to 50 markets by 2020.

What exactly are venture capitalists looking for?

The team, burn rates, cash flow, efficiency in the market — these are all things venture capitalists (VCs) look at when separating the good deals from the bad …

Home equity fintech startup raises additional $8.4M in Series A

A new Silicon Valley fintech startup with impressive investor backing might be poised to tackle one of the biggest problems plaguing the real estate industry in 2016: affordability …