Rents in the US just keep going up and up

The average rent was up 3.2 percent year-over-year in June. Last month also saw the biggest average rent increase in more than a year

Americans are flocking to HOA communities like never before

New U.S. Census data shows that homes in homeowner’s associations are taking up a larger share of new construction and new sales than ever before.

Single-family rent prices up 3 percent in May: CoreLogic

According to the latest CoreLogic data released on Tuesday, monthly rent for a single-family home grew by 3 percent to an average of $1,442 in May.

Why younger generations need to understand credit scores now

Young consumers are blithely unaware of the importance of credit scores to their financial lives, according to recent surveys. This is troubling as Americans’ debt levels reach record highs. The good news is that people tend to change their behaviors o…

How to create the ultimate comparative market analysis for your sellers 

Pricing a home is no delicate matter. The data can be overwhelming. But the right tech tools can enable you and your clients to wrangle all that information and come to a rational agreement on how the property should be priced — if you have a compelling CMA. Here are four ideas on how to arrive at that magical sales number.

These are the most affordable neighborhoods in the US

Released Tuesday, Trulia’s latest analysis found affordable neighborhoods spread all across the Midwest.

Delinquency rates hit 20-year low

Nationwide, only 3.6 percent of homeowners fell into some sort of delinquency on their mortgages in April, down from 4 percent in March.

BREAKING: Purplebricks exits US after less than 2 years in market

Following months of uncertainty over Purplebricks’ future in the United States, the flat-fee brokerage is exiting the U.S. market, less than two years after launching in Los Angeles in September 2017.

What is Compass’ endgame?

In real estate, optimizing the commission split and generating revenue by selling mortgages is what brokerages have been doing for years. But investors didn’t pump over $1 billion of venture capital in Compass to build a basic brokerage. So, what is Compass’ end goal? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Home price growth accelerates for first time in 14 months

Nationwide, home prices grew by 3.6 percent in May year-over-year and 0.9 percent from April, according to the latest data from CoreLogic.