The all-in-one solution vs. best-in-class: A head-to-head comparison

In a recent interview, Agent Image Co-founder and Managing Partner Jon Krabbe shared his insights on how agents today can build their digital presence. We also spoke about the need for today’s agent to shape a tech stack that meets their goals.

What we learned in 2019 and what it means for you in 2020

The real estate technology landscape once mirrored the view east from central Colorado. Brokers had a clear, flat view of their options. Its definitive horizon made navigation simple, and the opportunities were easy to see. One day, the industry awoke …

The one platform brokerages need to thrive in the digital age

Brokerages face a firing line of technology heading into 2018. Many have to cobble together systems from different eras that integrate with each other to varying degrees. It’s an unsustainable situation that intensifies as the digital age deepens.

Integrate workflows in the cloud and mobile with Zapelo

If real estate had a word of the year, 2015’s might be “integration.” The days of brokers and agents plugging data into disparate platforms are clearly numbered …