How market share is creating competitive superpowers in real estate

Explosive growth is on the horizon for the brokerage — or group of brokerages — that cracks the market-share code first.

Airbnb adds another mortgage refinancing partner

Guild Mortgage, one of the largest mortgage lenders in the U.S., has become the latest home loan provider to treat short-term rental revenue from Airbnb as income for homeowners applying to refinance their homes.

More than 1 in 10 Airbnb guests have found hidden cameras: Survey

Cameras in Airbnbs have become a controversial topic in recent months thanks to a parade of headlines about unsuspecting guests stumbling upon surveillance equipment.

Vacation rental industry heats up with iTrip Vacations expansion

The newly added iTrip properties are scattered across a handful of coastal Florida communities, including Palm Beach Gardens, Fort Pierce, Juno Beach, Jupiter, Stuart, Hutchinson Island and Port St. Lucie. The properties will be operated as part of a new iTrip franchise, dubbed iTrip Vacations Treasure Coast.

Airbnb will hand over data on 17K listings to New York City officials

The data has to do with hosts and reservations on Airbnb’s platform and will be partially anonymized, Airbnb confirmed Friday.

Airbnb launches partnership with DNA testing company 23andMe

The partnership comes amid what Airbnb says is a rise in “heritage travel,” or trips people take to connect with their ancestors’ homelands.

Airbnb cannibalizes budget hotels but amps up demand for rooms

A new study found that Airbnb takes the most business away from inexpensive hotels while driving up demand for the industry in general.

Marriott to launch short-term rental platform to stave off Airbnb

Marriott is reportedly launching a home rental service to take aim at Airbnb, HomeAway and other short-term rental companies as more consumers shrug off traditional hotels.

Airbnb eyes commercial buildings in new partnership

Airbnb is working to launch a new hospitality service that will give short-term renters access to spaces in commercial buildings in New York City.

Home is where the heart is — and the office, mall and movie theater

Our homes have changed, becoming more complicated but also more significant in our lives. It’s time to reconsider the home and its importance in our lives.