Google is about to revolutionize the way consumers find real estate agents

Clear your cookies. Delete your browsing history. Switch to Incognito. Google is poised to bring the power of aggregation to real estate. First, a little history.

MarketView Broker by ShowingTime

Focus your brokerage on recruiting talent, analyzing growth opps & managing/coaching your agents.

3 Google search tools that make you the neighborhood expert

I think we can all agree that Google has an insane amount of information. The bad thing is that sometimes we find ourselves searching through pages and pages of information just to try and find the answer we are looking for …

LinkedIn’s ProFinder may have hacked agent matching

Although homebuyers constantly hunt down properties online, they’re much less likely to use websites to find real estate agents. Most buyers track down agents through personal connections, hiring licensed friends or family members or using professional…

Zillow revamps agent search platform, introduces agent ads

Zillow’s “Agent Finder” lets consumers sift through the listing portal’s vast database of agents to home in on those who are most active in a particular city or neighborhood based on the past sales, listings and reviews that have surfaced on agents’ pr… to beef up agent search, will revamp profile pages first has not given up on providing consumers with more sophisticated tools for finding an agent and, as a first step toward that goal, is updating agent profiles on the popular consumer site to give agents the ability to highlight … developing successor to AgentMatch search tool

AgentMatch — the agent search tool from that ranked agents by their multiple listing service transaction stats before trials in two test markets were suspended last year — will soon have a successor. The new version of the consumer …