Stagnant homeowners are creating an inventory catch-22

A new study by Redfin revealed the average homeowner in 2019 has lived in their home for 13 years, a five-year increase from 2009.

How to manage buyer expectations in a shifting market

A new generation of homebuyers doesn’t seem to believe that simply owning a home can be the first step toward wealth creation. Agents can help them to gain a more sensible perspective and a home in their price range with these suggestions.

Minneapolis has officially eliminated single-family zoning

A year after issuing a preliminary approval, the Minneapolis City Council approved the Minneapolis 2040 plan in a 12-1 vote on Friday.

Growing number of homeowners feel ‘house rich and cash poor’

Stagnant wage growth and booming costs of living are stressing homeowners, according to a new HomeTap study released Tuesday.

What’s the key to ending chronic homelessness? Better data

According to Community Solutions, the key to ending chronic homelessness is real-time data aggregation and tracking that enables communities to make smart, quick decisions. The nonprofit’s Built for Zero program helps local agencies transform their dat…

Mid-market inventory shortage is ‘canary in the coal mine’

A new housing trends study released Tuesday reveals another seismic inventory shortage may be on the way.

How workforce housing can ease the affordability crisis

Communities often oppose affordable housing because they think it’s for the destitute. But these days it’s for middle-income earners.

San Francisco at center of battle over ‘anti-homeless architecture’

Residents in Mission Dolores placed boulders on sidewalks to keep homeless people away while sparking further conversation over the untenable cost of living in San Francisco. launches 3 new affordability tools for buyers

The tools, available on iOS, Android and desktop, provide buyers with a detailed estimate of what it will financially take to own a home.

There’s a solution for high home prices — but most don’t want it

A new Redfin study reveals that 53 percent of buyers and sellers oppose high-density housing despite the fact it would significantly improve affordability.