Facebook slashes 5,000 targeted ad options after HUD complaint

Facebook is making changes to company advertising policy in an effort to slash thousands of options that allow advertisers to target certain ethnicities and engage in discriminatory advertising.

LeadHax Targeted Digital Advertising

LeadHax advertising helps agents easily market listings & gives brokers an effective recruiting tool.

Lucidpress Brand Templating Platform

Lucidpress makes it easy for agents to customize, distribute, and protect their own marketing collateral

‘Skip all the stress and uncertainty’: Check out Opendoor’s new video ads

Opendoor is launching a new ad campaign featuring absurdist-style videos about how hard it is to sell a home the traditional way — with a real estate agent.

Purplebricks fined nearly $16,000 in Australia over misleading marketing

Purplebricks, the fast-growing flat-fee real estate brokerage that launched in the United States just over six months ago, is facing regulatory scrutiny over misleading advertising in Australia …

5 common Google AdWords mistakes that are costing you business

Google AdWords changed the advertising world forever. Back in 2000, Google launched AdWords, an advertising platform that allows businesses to get their marketing message seen on the world’s largest search engine.   …

How NYC tours helped build a real estate agent’s brand

Fascinated with the different corners of their city, New Yorkers both adopted and native tend to be out on weekends exploring the concrete jungle. And those in the extended circle of Halstead Property real estate agent Jeff Goodman are being given the …

Facebook ad campaigns made easy with Boost by HomeSpotter

Boost by HomeSpotter is a Facebook ad campaign creation and management tool that connects with your MLS to monitor your market movement. Boost does an excellent job of funneling your marketing message from advertisement to landing page builder to quali…

Top 10 reasons your Facebook ads aren’t generating real estate leads

Over the last few years, there seems to persist the lingering idea that you can lay on the beach with your laptop and make thousands per day. While it’s a possibility in the internet age, online business generation takes hard work, creative thinking, money and luck. And as this daydream pertains to Facebook advertising, you’re bound to face challenges both difficult and expensive. Don’t underestimate it; rather, expect setbacks, learn and tweak your game plan. …

In new ad, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices taps into ‘there’s no place like home’

This year’s installment focuses on the concept of home and the first spot, entitled “Place,” shows people in places near and far from where they live who still maintain a connection to the place they call “home.” …