How to better the quality of your leads

Depending on who you talk to, Internet leads are either the best or worst things in the world. Some will say that they are all terrible, and others build their business off the back of Internet leads …

NAR’s new ad campaign urges young buyers to ‘Get Realtor’

If you’ve been on Twitter this week, you may have noticed a new hashtag circulating through the real estate industry’s corner of the social media realm: #GetRealtor, the tagline that the National Association of Realtors has chosen to move its brand forward in the rapidly changing modern age of homebuying …

5 steps to turning holiday cheer into lead conversion

Do you want more real estate closings in 2016? I’m sure you do, so I’m going to show you something so simple and yet so powerful. Something that we sorely underestimate in its ability to convert people to using our services …

Is branding or lead generation more important?

You probably answered lead generation, of course. But you’d be wrong. Branding and lead generation are two distinct pieces of your marketing strategy, and they play an equally crucial role. Lead generation focuses on selling the home or yourself as a t…

Coldwell Banker funneling TV viewers to social media

Ad campaign features Twitter hashtag instead of website URLread more

Century 21 setting up shop in SimCity Social

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Zillow launching TV ad campaign

30-second spot will air on ABC Family, HGTV, CNN, Travel Channelread more