Net Neutrality Rollback Threat to Real Estate Industry

The net neutrality controversy came to a head last week when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repealed the Obama-era open internet regulations following a meeting on Dec. 14. These protections required broadband internet providers to offer equal web access without added fees for preferential treatment or higher speeds. The net neutrality rollback won in a […]

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Marijuana’s Impact on Real Estate

While the cultivation, distribution and possession of marijuana remain illegal under the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA), nearly all states* allow for the limited medical use of marijuana and eight states (plus the District of Columbia) allow for some recreational use. More than 17 states allow individuals to grow their own marijuana plants for personal […]

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Making Real Estate Personal Again: LaVerne Pike, Windermere Real Estate

In a business where technology can easily take center stage, LaVerne Pike, an award-winning veteran agent with Seattle’s Windermere Real Estate, stands apart by focusing on the person-to-person connection and a level of service that puts him—not the internet—at the center of the relationship. In this interview, Pike explains how his detailed knowledge of the […]

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Thomas Gallagher: A Real Estate Powerhouse With a Family Feel

Thomas Gallagher began in the real estate business in 1986 and two years later partnered with Mike Litzner to open CENTURY 21 American Homes, which will celebrate its 30-year anniversary this coming April. CENTURY 21 American Homes is unique, Gallagher says, in that while it is a larger than average firm, with a footprint that […]

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What exactly can NAR REach do for your tech company?

Dave T. Garland took to the stage at Hacker Connect to explain the value of the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) REach program, the world’s top growth accelerator for new real estate tech companies …

The latest on tax reform

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How long until mortgages are affected by short-term rate hikes?

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What to expect when you’re Connecting: First-time attendees

There are many things members of the Inman community know how to do really well, and you can be sure to count problem solving, having fun and learning from each other among them. This is no more apparent than during Inman Connect New York (January 22-26 2018), where over 5,000 attendees from 25 countries will gather to hear more than 300 speakers share their insights for …

Bitcoin mortgages are a thing now, but should they be?

Even if turning to home refinancing to buy bitcoin is the same as taking out a mortgage to renovate a bathroom in the long run, it sounds riskier …

Republicans finalize tax reform bill for vote before holiday recess

State and local tax deductions, once all but eliminated in earlier versions of the bill, would be expanded to include income tax, but capped at $10, …