Never underestimate the value of your knowledge about housing

Before learning about the local restaurants and parks, consider becoming an expert on the housing stock in the neighborhood. Commit important numbers to memory, and beat your competition.

The one question you should ask yourself every day

Asking “what could go wrong?” can help agents and brokers prepare for the worst and make sure things go right.

Why the tech revolution has been overhyped

Despite the plethora of new tech and abundant online information, the fundamentals of the real estate transaction process remain the same.

Why everyone deserves a home that isn’t made of cloth

Real estate trends, combined with out-of-date zoning laws and employment patterns are driving people out of their homes. If our economy is doing so well, then why are so many people living on the streets? Is there something wrong with them, or is it ou…

Don’t be a broke agent: Learn to manage your money

Your broker isn’t going to tell you how to make a profit. You are kind of like a backyard chicken, and your broker needs you to produce, so managing your money is up to you. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Why I should have been disintermediated in 2005

There are plenty of industries that have been disrupted by technology, and they’re still running strong without handing out discounts left and right. New business models don’t always mean the end. They are just creating smarter consumers, not displacing agents.

Why the biggest challenge to local real estate isn’t iBuyers

Regular Inman contributor Teresa Boardman talks about how Zillow Offers just launched in the Twin Cities and what buyers and sellers truly need in her market (and probably yours, too).

Why we need to get real about working with elderly clients

Things can get dicey in our society when it comes to the rights of adults who have mental impairments. Regular contributor Teresa Boardman shares her personal experiences with Alzheimer’s.

50 blog post ideas that’ll attract homesellers

The best way to attract seller leads is to create quality information that will help them and position you as the local expert. Here are 50 blog post ideas aimed at attracting sellers. You only need to write them once, but you can repurpose them throug…

Do you have ‘snow plow’ parents on your hands? Been there

If you haven’t heard of snow plow parents, they are defined as parents who clear away obstacles — similar to how a plow clears snow off the street — to ensure that their children don’t have to deal with frustrations or failures. Here’s what I’ve learned from working with these parents.