3 tips for using rapport to turn prospects into clients

Rapport-building expert Isabel Affinito gives her favorite easy hacks to help you make fast friends with potential clients.

3 tips for making six figures while working part-time hours

There are some agents who only work part-time hours and still manage to make over $100,000 per year. Epic Listing Agent Chris Stafford is one of them. He works about 30 hours per week and takes home a high six-figure paycheck. Here are his top tips.

6 tips for setting (and achieving) strong goals

At the beginning of each year, agents set new goals, and most put some solid work into achieving them — at least for a while. But how many agents actually manage to accomplish their goals? Not many. To help your cause, real estate coach Rod Khleif shares his top secrets for goal-setting the right way.

A simple strategy for getting cheap real estate leads

Instead of wasting money on low-quality leads, get the attention of your market’s most motivated buyers and sellers by running ads on social media. That’s exactly what Krista Mashore does, and she sold over 150 homes last year with a 65 percent profit margin.

3 tips for winning real estate listings as a newbie agent

Want to know how you can win real estate listings when competing with agents who have years of experience over you? John Newman, team leader of The Newman Group, shares three specific strategies used by his millennial-only team time and again to win listings when competing with Maryland’s most experienced real estate professionals.

3 best tools for building a real estate farm

Are you sick of spending thousands on listing leads? If so, you should consider building a real estate farm because it could effectively cut your lead spend down to zero. Agent Scott Himelstein gets dozens of listing leads for free because of his farm,…

The 7 deadly sins of real estate brand building

Have you committed one of these seven deadly sins? Real estate branding experts Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr of BrandFace discuss these mistakes so that you can avoid committing them while building your brand.

Is ‘coming soon’ marketing a waste of time?

Do “coming soon” signs work, or are they just a waste of time? Hear how Dustin Fox, a D.C. agent with $40 million in annual sales, uses pre-listing marketing campaigns to get a big chunk of business.

A simple 5-step system for generating referrals

All real estate agents want to get more referrals, but asking clients for referrals isn’t always easy. Stacey Brown Randall has a solution to this problem. She created a complete five-step system for generating referrals without asking for them.

What apps and software does this top team rely on?

Josh Mente, owner and founder of The MD Home Team, discusses some of his favorite software and apps for boosting productivity.