Why Zillow has the advantage over KW, Rocket Homes and others

Zillow benefits from practically unbeatable network effects in the consumer space. Both of these moves ignore basic strategic principles of playing to your strengths and picking battles you can win.

Zillow vs. Opendoor: Who will win the consumer?

Which part of the industry controls the starting point of the real estate transaction: portals or iBuyers? Who has the advantage, and what are the implications for iBuyers?

Zillow’s homebuying experiment is making money, but there’s a catch

Based on the data in Phoenix alone, Zillow will beat its Homes revenue guidance of $2 million to $7 million. But other indicators, including a lower-than-expected margin and higher purchase prices, are worth watching.

Is Compass really a tech company?

Opinions aside, the latest numbers allow us to compare Compass to its peers and really answer dual questions: Is Compass doing anything novel in the industry, and is it really a technology company?

How realtor.com just got way better at lead conversion

News Corp., owner of realtor.com, announced the $210 million acquisition of lead qualification service Opcity. With this acquisition, realtor.com dives deeper into the lead conversion funnel in a major way.

How psychology is holding back real estate tech

When Mike DelPrete thinks about the modernization of the industry and tech adoption, his position is: What’s holding us back is psychology, not technology.

A deeper look at Zillow Offers numbers

Zillow announced that it bought 19 homes during the second quarter for a total of 62. That’s an additional 43 homes purchased in five weeks — a good ramp up. Dig deeper into the numbers here.

Global Insights: Analyzing Purplebricks’ FY18 results

Earlier this month, Purplebricks announced its full-year financial results for 2018 with revenues doubling to £93.7 million.

Purplebricks’ Canadian acquisition is an incredible deal, here’s why

Last week, Purplebricks announced that it had acquired DuProprio/ComFree, the leading fixed-fee and for-sale-by-owner business in Canada, for £29.3 million. This is a great deal for Purplebricks and further strengthens its position as the online agency leader with global ambitions.

The Phoenix iBuyer Report: featuring Zillow as iBuyer

How much traction will Zillow get in the market, and will it be able to hit its stated assumptions? These are the questions that will be answered in Mike DelPrete’s new Phoenix iBuyer Report: the definitive source of data for iBuyers (Opendoor, OfferPad and Zillow) in their biggest market, Phoenix.