Landlords threaten to raise tenants’ rent if Biden wins in November

Landlords in New York, Colorado and Mississippi have evicted tenants or threatened to raise rent based on the 2020 election results.

62% of homeowners support low-income housing in their neighborhood

According to Redfin’s latest survey, a majority of Americans embrace low-income developments in their neighborhood; however, concerns still abound.

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Real estate leaders Courtney Poulos and Veronica Figueroa share their thoughts live at today’s Connect Now on Zillow hiring agents and how MLS regulations made it possible.

HouseCanary adds HomeAdvisor integration to streamline reno process

The HomeAdvisor integration allows homeowners to view projects with the highest ROI, connect with licensed professionals and secure financing for home renovations.

Affordability trumps wildfire risk for homeowners on West Coast

According to Redfin’s latest study, homebuyers are choosing affordable areas with higher wildfire risk as demand and home prices heat up in low-risk areas.

WFG founder Pat Stone talks e-closings, coronavirus and getting back to basics

On the heels of WFG’s 10th anniversary, founder Pat Stone shares his secret to success, which hinges on mastering the basics and putting clients first.

Amid a chaotic 2020, next year’s colors of the year aim to soothe

Sherwin Williams, PPG and other top paint companies have released their 2021 colors of the year, which aim to create a sense of calm amid a chaotic world.

Are incentives the key to navigating a softening seller’s market?

Agents in California and New York share how they’re dealing with softening seller’s markets and if buyer’s incentives are worth the potential trouble.

Redfin: The coronavirus has a bigger impact on sales than the election

According to Redfin’s latest survey, only 22 percent of buyers and sellers are adjusting their real estate plans due to the presidential election.