As new home sales soar, listings take a dip in August

New listings of newly constructed homes decreased 4.1 percent year over year to a seasonally adjusted rate of 74,000 in August, according to Redfin.

Home price growth stays strong for now — but the future is murky

After forecasting housing price declines of approximately 0.3 percent this year, experts have adjusted those predictions this quarter to reflect an increase in prices by 3.7 percent.

Homebuyer migration rates reach highest level since 2017: Redfin

At a national level, 28.7 percent of users looked to move to a different metro area during July and August, according to a new migration report.

Homeownership affordability drops in two-thirds of U.S.

Median prices of single-family homes and condos are now less affordable than historical averages in 63 percent of counties, up from 54 percent one year ago, according to a new report by Attom Data Solutions.

Bucking co-living downturn, Common raises $50M round

Despite a housing landscape that increasingly disfavors co-living arrangements, co-living startup Common is forging onward with a $50 million Series D funding round.

A neighborhood’s racial makeup impacts home values more now than it did in 1980

The race home appraisal gap has doubled since 1980, according to a new study published in the sociological journal Social Problems.

Mobile-home parks are a sound investment, especially during a pandemic

Mobile-home parks have long been touted as a recession-proof sector of real estate, and investors say they continue to be a wise choice during the nation’s current economic turmoil.

5 tips for consistent branding

Wendy Walker of Wendy Walker Fine Properties spoke with Inman about valuable branding information and the tips she’s learned over the years.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices sets up shop in Mexico for first time

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices has brought on its first network member in Mexico in the expat and retiree destination of San Miguel de Allende.

Buyside launches first-ever National Home Valuation Week

Throughout the week, starting on Monday, September 21, 2020, top real estate firms in the U.S. will join forces to promote homeowners to check the value of their home through their local broker.