What sponsors can expect at Connect Now

For the last few years, an idea was floating around the Inman events team: a virtual event in addition to our in-person conferences. That’s why, when the COVID-19 outbreak happened, the team had ideas and plans ready to make this remote experience a reality. Connect Now is a full-fledged, immersive, digital event that will kick off June 3-5.

What are real estate professionals doing right now?

The Inman Partnership Team wanted to better understand what our audience needed from vendors. So we looked at the content that these folks are reading and sharing as a signal of what they need to stay relevant, competitive, and ready to do business. This content shows us where their minds are today and how they’re thinking about tomorrow.

Inman Success Story: Earnnest

When Daniel Jeffords closed on his first home, his agent asked if he could change anything about the experience, what would it be? “Well, everything,” he told his agent. “Other than working with you and finding the home that I like — those parts were great. The rest of this all needs some work.”

Do you make these digital advertising mistakes?

Every month, the digital advertising team at Inman runs over 400 campaigns on behalf of our advertisers. And the team sees it all, from beautifully executed campaigns to, well, less so. That’s why we decided to capture all errors, mistakes and missed opportunities we’ve seen over the years for a helpful guide to your next campaign.

How real estate vendors can leverage the 6 stages of intent

In the world of B2B marketing, making connections with your audience can feel impersonal. But your audience is still made up of people. These people have needs, and when your product, solution or service can speak to those needs clearly and compellingly, it’s a win.

Inman Success Stories: Nest Realty

Nest Realty is based in Charlottesville, Va. Founder Jonathan Kauffmann and the team had a specific need: to build critical brand awareness.

What’s the best digital marketing strategy for you?

In a recent interview, Agent Image co-founder and Managing Partner Jon Krabbe shared his insights on how agents today can build their digital presence. We also spoke about the critical value of a personal brand and how best to communicate it online.

Luxury Connect moves to Las Vegas in 2020

After a successful 6 years in Beverly Hills, Inman is moving Luxury Connect to Las Vegas. So what does that mean for attendees and sponsors of the premier real estate conference for luxury agents and brokers?

Inman Connect New York welcomes international groups

Every year, nearly 4,000 real estate professionals invest in themselves and their businesses by attending an Inman Connect event. And many times, they don’t attend alone. Group ticket packages have been an effective way for attendees to save on the cost of their registration.

The all-in-one solution vs. best-in-class: A head-to-head comparison

In a recent interview, Agent Image Co-founder and Managing Partner Jon Krabbe shared his insights on how agents today can build their digital presence. We also spoke about the need for today’s agent to shape a tech stack that meets their goals.