Top brokerages find new ways to carve out profit

According to recent data from REAL Trends, the average retained company dollar dwindled to a mere 14.8% in 2017. This is down from 22% 5 years prior. Brokerages are faced with pressures on commission splits, non-producing agents, and occupancy/payroll …

Leads are easy — closing them is hard

Leads. They are what many real estate professionals consider to be the life blood of their business and the essence to success. Historically, the main point of concern around this hot topic has been related to obtaining leads and keeping a consistent l…

Brokers beware! That old tech is eating at your profits

Brokers and owners often view back-office systems as an afterthought. This is because they aren’t seen as revenue drivers. In fact, back office accounting platforms for the real estate industry have historically been expensive, with non-cloud based software that is a frustrating user experience

Ready player one: how the new hybrid virtual brokerage can help you compete

It’s only been in the last few years that virtual brokerages have popped up, and they’re a hot topic within the industry. Without a physical location, virtual brokerages have significantly lower overhead costs and can scale their business with relative ease — two big reasons why they’re growing in popularity.

Yes, there is such a thing as too much real estate tech

Today, it seems as though there is a tech tool or solution for every stage of the real estate transaction, from marketing and advertising to listing and closing.

Brokers: Does your real estate tech stack really help recruit and retain agents?

If you ask real estate brokers to list their primary pain points, their answers will converge around three things: recruiting agents, retaining them, and keeping them productive. These broker challenges are, of course, fundamentally linked.

Is your tech vendor monetizing your data?

The real estate industry undeniably now runs on data. Mining and analyzing data requires sophisticated tools that allow today’s agents and brokers to make better-informed business decisions. However, vendors and some of the nation’s largest brokerages are trying to stake claim to data in this new data-driven reality …

5 keys to winning at lead-gen as a brokerage

Running a cost-effective lead-generation program is as difficult as anything else brokers will do. It requires diligence, smart systems, accountability, agent buy-in, measurement, and, increasingly, automation and brand exposure …

Gain a massive competitive advantage with a modern real estate CRM

No real estate agent will disagree that the industry has become hyper-competitive. In cities across the U.S., you see countless billboards for agents, often promoting a name not around even a month before …

3 essential tools that will 10X your real estate marketing

Spraying your message high and wide does not breed online marketing success; rather, standout results emerge when you pair smart, strategic decisions with the right tools …