5 organic marketing ideas that’ll make you the local expert

Drip emails, Facebook, SEO gimmicks — there are better ways to become an expert in your area. Here are a few ideas that have worked for me.

How MLS of Choice is affecting your real estate team

When MLS of Choice took effect last July, it meant real estate agents were free to opt out of their brokerage’s MLS. But the same freedom isn’t allotted for members of every agent team. Find out how teams are affected and what solutions are available t…

Is your email rubbing clients the wrong way?

A funky email address like NoTanLines@swimnaked.com might be OK for personal use, but do you really want customers to see that? Probably not, but many real estate agents use their personal email addresses when communicating with consumers, and it’s lik…

4 things you should know before becoming a part-time real estate agent

Real estate is a tough gig, and it’s even harder when you’re just dipping your toe in the water as a part-timer. Here are four things to consider before jumping into real estate part time.

How has MLS of Choice affected real estate so far?

Although it may be too early to accurately measure the total effect MLS of Choice will have, many associations and MLSs have been proactive. Here’s how two in particular have adapted.

7 tips for selling tenant-occupied properties

Listing a tenant-occupied home or condo can present special challenges to a listing agent. How the agent initially deals with the tenant or tenants will often determine if it will be a smooth process or an adversarial nightmare.

How we as an industry can become more accountable and transparent

At Inman Disconnect, a group of industry leaders got together and addressed a number of leading real estate issues. They came up with a manifesto called the Parker Principles, which is a compilation of 12 principles.

The Parker Principles: Why Realtor associations and brokers hold the key to improving our industry

At the recent Inman Disconnect in Palm Springs, California, a group of industry leaders came together to address a number of leading real estate issues. This innovative group consisted of startup entrepreneurs; disruptive company founders; top-producin…

A new breed of leader is needed for MLSs and Realtor associations

There was a collective gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands by some Associations when MLS of Choice became the law of the land. We saw the same thing happen when the National Association of Realtors (NAR) adopted Core Standards for local and state a…