7 reasons pre-listing inspections are an absolute must

Contrary to popular belief, the celebrations shouldn’t begin right when a contract is executed — in fact, it marks the beginning of a long and uncertain process to a potential closing. The best way to increase a seller’s chances of closing smoothly is to have a pre-listing inspection done before ever coming on the market. Here are seven reasons why.

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Real estate is wrought with deal-killers at every turn. Sometimes, no matter how proactive you are, surprise rears its ugly head and throws a wrench in the entire transaction. A savvy agent is ready with a plan B if needed. Here are 10 home-sale killer…

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A lot has been written about how to prep first-time buyers, but when it comes to giving sellers advice, not so much. In addition to the usual home-prep and for-sale advice, here are 12 tips for first-time sellers that’ll help quell their fears.

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Invariably, in high-stress and high-emotion situations like buying and selling real estate, there are often points where things can become stalled, and everyone needs a time out. Here are nine situations in which negotiations can easily get put on pause.

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It’s natural for proud homeowners to want to upgrade their properties; however, some home renovation projects impact everyone in proximity to the home — and their home values, sellability and general mental state. Here are eight projects that’ll have the whole neighborhood shaking their heads.

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