Where’s a real estate agent’s place in polarized times?

A real estate agent’s role is that of a leader, ambassador, problem-solver — a pillar of the community. When times are tough, issues are polarizing, and clients could fall on either side, agents need to lead, inspire and unify.

How to crush problematic agent behavior before it kills your deal

Managing clients throughout the buying or selling process requires 100 percent laser focus to get the deal done. Throw a challenging agent on the other side of the transaction, and you’re likely to encounter deal-killers along the way. Here are some of the problematic behaviors agents exhibit and how to squash them.

Why there’s no magic pill for lead generation

No matter what you do, there is no magic pill when it comes to old-school versus new-school prospecting methods. New opportunities truly arise out of a diversity of marketing techniques.

Buyers trying to cut corners? Don’t let them make these 6 mistakes

Buyers often want to charge full throttle into the homebuying process with a “penny-pinching” mindset, but agents can save these clients money and heartache by taking the time to explain how shortsighted and expensive these corner-cutting tactics can be.

7 mistakes your sellers should avoid at all costs

With the ultimate goal of trying to net as much money after the sale as possible, sellers can actually cost themselves more money while trying to save it. Here are seven costly mistakes sellers make.

7 myths buyers actually believe

Here are seven common misunderstandings that can ratchet up tensions in real estate transactions. Clear them up before they mess up your process.

How to avoid 7 contingency issues that can derail your deal

Here are some of the most common contingency issues plus the workarounds to help you sail through the problems without derailing the transaction.

How to answer 10 common seller appraisal questions

Here are 10 questions that homesellers will most likely ask during the appraisal process. Here’s how to best respond to prepare them for all outcomes.

Inspection’s over! 7 tips for negotiating repairs, credits and reductions

Welcome to one of the most confusing parts of the real estate transaction. There is no handbook for post-inspection negotiation, and no amount of training can tell you exactly what to do because, quite frankly, it depends on the specifics of the deal. …

Inspection time! 8 questions buyers will surely ask

Your buyers got the house. What’s next? Besides the flurry of paperwork associated with the loan, coming up next on this episode of “The Reality of Real Estate” is the home inspection. As you’re breaking your buyers into real-life real estate, here are eight buyer inspection questions you should be ready to answer.